The spider brother

Finding the water tap open with vast amounts of water streaming down into the sewer I opened the servants’ quarters only to find the big bad spider in a corner of the bathroom.I thought at first he was dead but as he noticed my presence he squirmed in the cushioned comfort of his web .A minute or two later he got back to his original state of motionlessness as though he found I was harmless .The shadows of the water dripping from the tap fell on the web playing with its inertness . My camera ,which I had in hand was no use because the black spider did not shine fluorescently against the white marble of the bathroom as I had expected it would .Rather the greyness of the spider melted into the shadows providing no contrast.

This one was unusually large . He was not alone .There was another one in the other corner which was lying motionless undisturbed by the dialogs between me and the other one. If this was the female of the species , where were the baby spiders ? In any case it did not look like the case of a happy family.

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