The Goddess spoke, fiercely,
Through white anger’s mists
The body shouted thick-throated
A lower order goddess, surely,
Cannot be all that demanding
Crying for well-fattened cocks.
Fear becomes the key translating
To waves of body movements.
A matter of thinned blood supply
Or a fleeting hardening of vessels,
She lay there sprawled, wailing.
Anger burst out of the bounds
She had crossed all body-barriers
Just when sanity finally returned.
A mere transient ischemic attack
Or a turmeric- yellowed Goddess
Extending dominion over disbelief?

That was my mother who had argued fiercely with somebody against the existence and power of the lower order of Goddesses. When she came out and started walking on the road the Goddess appeared in the temple opposite and it appeared as though she did not approve of my mother’s refusal to acknowledge her power . There she lay ,sprawled on the ground ,with anger she had never experienced earlier. The anger was of the Goddess who possessed her .Was it not merely another attack of ischemia ?

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