Commissions - Artwork By Christina Rodriguez

Interested, please read the information below and contact me through redbubble or email me at View my artwork at

I am opening up commissions on drawings & pastel paintings done in my artistic style with it’s unique aesthetics. Maybe you are just looking for a unique piece of artwork. I work alot with artistic nudes of the female form. These pieces will be done in pastels and charcoal. I will work with any size ground, canvas, or paper. The larger the better! Shipping and handling fees at the most are $47-$50, Fedex. All artwork ships express to reduce damage.

The artwork can also be mounted on a mounting board, depending on the size requested. That requires an additional fee. Depending on the size of the piece, the mounting board prices can range from $5-$20. Mounting it provides better protection, and makes it easier to put up somewhere in your house. If you do not want it mounted or if you plan on putting the artwork it in a proper frame, I can send the artwork in a roll-up tube. Very convienant. All pieces will be spray with a fixative before being sent out.

Here are the fees:

8.5 × 11 – $35 s/h fees $30

9 × 12 – $45 s/h fees $30

11 × 14 – $58 s/h fees $30

14 × 17 – $75 s/h fees $40

18 × 24 – $85 s/h fees $40

24 × 28 – $105 s/h fees $40

Artwork can also be done on a canvas of any size, price is negotiable

All original artwork will be signed (by me), sprayed with a fixative, and shipped out accordingly. Cancellation Fee is $10.

Right now I am only excepting payment through paypal and money orders.

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