A Bad Law for Good People

Racheal and Nathan loved bedtime because before bed they played in the lounge room with Mum and Dad and discussed the day’s learnings and problems. They even told stories sometimes about their youth. The stories were always a real treat for them.
One night Racheal woke to hear laughter coming from her parent’s room so she went to investigate, as children do. Nathan was not far behind.
“We heard you laughing. What is so funny? What are you smoking” they said in tune.
“It is an herb called marijuana” said Mum. “Now back to bed guys. Tomorrow I will help you to learn all about it. It will be a special lesson.”

Before going back to bed Racheal decided to look up a little information on the internet. What she read was both good and bad and confusing. She had a lot to think about. How could a plant become illegal and why was marijuana illegal she wondered? Does that mean Mummy and Daddy are criminals? Mum and Dad looked after her. Do people who break the law look after their children? Would she go to jail? Daddy also, he was smoking too.
Nathan was also thinking about what had just happened. He remembered a policeman holding up a bong in his class room and telling them about how bad drugs were. He wondered why they had learned nothing more about this plant in school. He did remember it been spoken about when he read the bible. Would the police take Mummy and Daddy away? Who would look after him? He knew his Nanna smoked marijuana, her doctor said she should. Poppa Bill, he was a Vietnam Veteran. It was very sad when he died. Nathan remembered him asking for a special cookie ‘like the ones that we were given in Nam’ his Poppa had said. That might have been marijuana.
It was all very confusing for them.

Racheal and Nathan got up very early. They were excited but a little worried and wanted to learn the truth about marijuana. It was in their lives and they knew Mummy would not lie to them. The both knew she wanted the best for them.
“Hey kids, are you ready? Dad is waiting in the car for us.” said Mum
The first stop was Farmer Dave’s place. The children thought they had seen him before. Mum told him that they had come to show the children some marijuana growing as part of their lesson on cannabis.

Dave said “You have come to the right place.”
He walked them all over the farm showing then all the organic plants he grew including chocolate pudding plants and strawberries. Then they came to a sweet smelling plant. Dave explained the Cannabis Sativa plant was his pride and joy. Dave loved showing off his garden.

“This plant grows all around the world” he said. “It can grow very tall with long leaves or it can be short and stocky. Marijuana has been cultivated for thousands of years just like fruit, beans and grains. Families thrived although isolated when they could supply their own clothes, food, oils, soap and many other products from this one plant.”
“Is marijuana a fruit” Racheal asked?
“You could say it is” said Dave. “It grows flowers to make its seeds. I take the seeds to make oils. I remove the flowers and dry them. It is then used as any herb. Flour can also be made from the seeds. The dried flowers can be used in cooking for eating or it can be smoked.”
“What do you do with the flowers” asked the children. The were fascinated by the subject.
“I give it to my friends who use it in their cooking” said Dave “and some smoke the dried flowers.”
“Do they really smoke flowers?”
“Yes" replied Dave. “People from all walks of life use marijuana, doctors, teachers, artists, actors and even mayors and presidents. Marijuana makes people feel calm and others use it to relax. It helps people who have trouble sleeping.”
“What do you use it for Dave?” asked the children.
“I do not use it very often myself” he said. “It just puts me to sleep these days. At times when my asthma is bad it does help.”
“Wow” said Nathan. “I’m going to plant some marijuana when I get home and help people like Dave does.”
“We will talk about that part later” said Mum. “Now we are going to see Dr. Sam. She will have more information for us."

Dr Sam’s office was beautifully decorated. She was happy to take the time to explain to them all about marijuana.
“Come right in” she said. "Marijuana” said Dr Sam “is used for several reasons. Like many plants it can be a helpful medicine when used responsibly. It can relieve pain. It helps some people with depression and helps others with their appetite. When you take away something people have been using for a lifetime sometimes they can get seriously ill. It is difficult for the body to accept this change just like you can’t suddenly change a animals diet. They might refuse food and die. It is like being taken out of your environment and not adapting to change. You see when marijuana became unavailable more and more people replaced it with alcohol and tobacco. These are legal drugs that can and do kill people.
“Will it help me” asked Nathan?
“Are you sick” asked Dr. Sam?
“No” said Nathan.
Dr. Sam answered "Marijuana is for adults who can use it responsibly. It gives people a pleasant feeling. It can be used too much just like any medicine or drug for example alcohol. I do not recommend it to everyone. It is a strong medicine and not for children unless prescribed. I know you realise that they are some things that are OK for an adult but not for children.”
They left the doctor’s office with her beautiful pictures and words coming together in their mind.

“Marijuana is for grown-ups" said Mum “like driving a car or drinking alcohol. You can make a decision to use it or not when you are an adult but remember anything in excess is not good for you.”
“I know that smell” said Racheal. “You are smoking marijuana” she yelled out.
Four men in the street, taken by surprise, started laughing when they saw Racheal, Nathan and their mother.
“Excuse Me, Lass” said one of the men “my family calls that gingili.”
“I call it cannabis saliva” said another. “It can be called a reefer, weed, maryjane, sweet leaf and some just call it their medicine.
While he was still talking two police officers came up to them and told them they were under arrest. They had guns and battens and looked like they might hurt someone. It was very scary .
Racheal looked at the officer and asked him “what are you doing, why are you arresting these people?”
“Young lady” answered the policeman “these men were smoking what I call grass and it is against the law”
“Marijuana isn’t against the law” said Racheal.
“Yes it is” he said. “Let me try and explain. People were once allowed to use marijuana or hemp. In some places they still able to grow and use this plant” stated the officer. “Headlines of newspapers used to tell people to grow marijuana to help their country. Back then it was called hemp. Generations ago people grew hemp and used the fibre to make cloth, rope and paper. In cafes you could get toast, cakes, cookies made with hemp flour, teas and oil made of home grown hemp.”
One day" a small powerful" group decided to make a law against marijuana, but it was a law that was only beneficial for some not all people. Our government started a war (1925 and 1937 in America) around the world to stop people from growing marijuana .Peopel from all over the world protested the new law,whole townships and other groupswere formed to fight the law but the politicians would only support the companies and not listin to doctors
or anyone else.
Racheal and Nathan could not believe it.“Is that all true they Mummy”
“It is true.” said mother. “Government’s can make a bad law,” she said. In Australia people have always worked to change unfair laws.

“That’s true too.” said the police officer. "All police do not agree with the law against marijuana. Our position is to enforce the law that’s what we do. If you see a law is a mistake then maybe you should work to change it.”

“In the meantime,” the second officer said “we are going to release these fellows with a caution but some other officers will use their discretionary powers according to their beliefs and arrest them for any violation.”
“Move along now, please” he said.

“Thank you” said Racheal and Nathan though they were still somewhat confused. On the trip home Dad explained that when marijuana became unobtainable it meant people could not be as self sufficient as they had once been. This change caused a lot of pain and heartache as well as sick people had to go to chemical companies for their medicine. That medicine cost money that they did not have so they suffered and become sicker.
The WAR ON DRUGS has little to do with the reality of this plant. It is much like when they tried a prohibition on alcohol. People began to make their own. It was easier to make spirits than it was to make beer. Many people became addicted to the much stronger alcohol. This caused pain and suffering for many families. Finally the laws were changed as prohibition does not work. The prohibition laws against marijuana are not working and need changing. The one point the Government dose not take into account is that all people are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in the spirit of brotherhood.
That night the children helped cook dinner with the organic veggies from Dave’s farm and had chocolate pudding plant and strawberries for dinner. Mum and Dad answered all the question they had. They went to bed happy that their fears had been replaced by information. They were already dreaming before their heads hit the pillow; dreaming about the day’s adventure knowing that their parents loved them and would explain anything to then with the truth.

Racheal dreamed of being a dancer, artist, doctor or lawyer and then maybe a Judge. Nathan wanted to fly planes or be a scientist. Maybe he would be a gardener. Perhaps he could do both but mostly he just wanted to help people who were sick or in need.
They were secure knowing that Mum and Dad were proud of them.
Sleep peacefully my angels and god blesses you!
And all god’s children.

A Bad Law for Good People

Vicki Admas

Jiggi, Australia

  • Artist

Artist's Description

A short story explaining to Marijuana to children
written because personaly I think they need to know the truth.

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