When you take a picture of something, you starts getting creative,, hum, with the foto.. zooming in, getting as much as possible in detail of the picture as you can. How do I want the to look,.
And, then once its done, then you don’t stop there.. taking pictures is amazing. There is never a limit to what all you can do.. there is always something different to experiment with. And, so many different cameras out now to experiment with. The more you explore your options the better your pic. is.
Never stop learn exploring and experimenting and going that extra step.. thats how the best picture is done.
And always bring your camera or with you at all times when you go out.. there is always something to take a picture of. And if you can take a picture of mother nature from a safe distance.. good luck weather stations,..
would love to hear from you..
Have a picturific day.. never have an ordinary day.. change your life.. hair, routine, eat healithier.. 0’ calorie butter spray and 0’calorie cooking spray is suggested.. along with walk as much as possbile and if you want that candy bar make sure you eat at lunch time and can walk as much as you can. Distant walking is recommended. And, speed it up a little if you can. Drink LOTS of water to keep you hydrated. Especially during the summer months. Or if possible gaterade is better. But drink it spearingly.

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