As today is another not so good day I do have some good news. I have finally found a college to go to . See my whole life I have had a plan. I always knew what i wanted to do in life. As it has changed several times over the years I have always found colleges to go withwhatever I wanted to do. Well in 7th grade I knew I wanted to be in the film buisness as a director. I as usual found a college to go toin New York. Well I still want to be in the film industry behind the senes but there is so much to choose from. I gave up going away to college because I have one person who I cant leave. She is my best friend and practically my sister Becca. For a while I was feeling left out because she knew where she was going along with all of our other friends and I couldn’t find a place to go. But I finally did and I am super excited.

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