EFFORT mind Vs. concience ( script unfinished)

Setting: in a slumped over body that is sleeping on a math test.

Concience: What are you doing wake up!

Mind: No sleep you are tired.

Concience: Do you want to take this class all over in summer school?

Mind: Don’t listen to that whisper in your head, you failed the first semester so you are going to have to re-take this class in summer school anyway.

Concience: Sure you failed the first semester, but isn’t better to make up one semester instead of two?

Mind: It might be easier, but think for a second listen to me you could always take this class all over again next year.

Concience: Don’t listen to that thinker he is just trying to get you to slack off so he doesn’t have to work.

Mind: I’m arguing with you aren’t I; so I’m working.

Concience: Wake up kid this is already your second time taking this class, do you really want to make it your third?

Mind: If you take this class in summer school you will be taking this class for your the third time anyway and you will also be wasting your summer so just take it again next year.

Concience: Mind you really need to shut up so I can wake this kid up him falling asleep in math is already effecting you; If she did good this semester she would only have to make up one semester, so over all she would have only taken this class two and a half years not three.

Mind: So it is just one semester which would be easier if it was done next year following the first, instead of being done in summer school following nothing.

Concience: So It is easier to spend six weeks in the summer than a whole other year.

Mind: Well what if Rip Van Winkle said,"No thank you I think I’ll sleep tomorrow.

Concience: Well Issac Newton didn’t give up on gravity so let me wake this kid up.

Mind: Please he came up with the fig newton, hense the last part Newton.

Concience: Wow you really are getting stupid mind.

Mind: I am not.

Concience: Prove it, what is two plus two?

Mind: Ahh…fish?

Concience: KID WAKE UP!!!

Mind: she can’t hear you concience because I am active in her mind right now. You are just the voice that annoys her.

Concience: Well then I guess I will just have to annoy you until I get my way.

Mind: Well you already annoy me, but you aren’t going to get your way.

Concience: Want to bet?

Mind: Sure what are the terms?

Concience: If I win I get to wake this kid up.

Mind: Okay but if I win you shut up and let this kid sleep the rest of the year and repeat this class.

Concience: Deal.

Mind: What should the challenge be?

Concience: I don’t know you are the mind not me.

Mind: But you are the responsible one.

Concience: Oh now I’m the responsible one I thought I was just the little whisper that annoys you all day long.

Mind: Not just in the day you sleep whisper too.

Concience: What you insilent little fool.

Mind: Don’t deny it you know it’s true.

Concience: Why I otta … well actually I do whisper in my sub-concious.

Mind: Ah ha you see so why did you even try denying it?

Concience: I’m a concience that is what I’m supposed to do; make big decisions.

Mind: Big decisions you don’t have a mind to process them; all you do is come up with silly little ideas and hand them over to me to put an ok or nay on them.

Concience: That’s it the deal is off; KID WAKE UP THIS INSTANT.


Concience: Will you stop that.

Mind: No I don’t have to.

Concience: Stop it.

Mind: Make me.

Concience: I can’t.

Mind: See you work under me I am your superior.

Concience: Well then you are a lousy boss.

Mind: Prove it wise guy.

Concience: Ah so you admit that I am wiser and smarter than you.

Mind: No I don’t you tricked me.

Concience: Well maybe if you were smarter , which would happen if you let me wake this kid up, you wouldn’t fall for my tricks.

Mind: Well maybe if you were dumber you wouldn’t play tricks.

EFFORT mind Vs. concience ( script unfinished)


Fresno, United States

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