( all the night walker stories so far)

Walk along side a night walker1

About two years ago Siminy Tarcee’s parents died in a huge avalanche in their home town of White Fur that was set hostilely in Alaska’s Slick mountains.2

After his parents died. Siminy was relocated to a group home in New York City where he sat, ate and slept on the dingy, pee stained floor in the kitchen. The owners of the group home were constantly being investigated by Child Protective Services, but every time the case worker came to the group home all the adolescents were being tutored. C.P.S would have removed the adolescents and arrested Mrs. Porky Corpulent if they had seen them at night when they were sleeping.3

Siminy would spend most of his time riding the 41 east subway to it’s end in Manhattan. The subway train was old and rusting. the paint was falling off it’s side and half the lights were burnt out. The state of New York didn’t see much sense in fixing the 41 because all the people that used it were bums and homeless people on there way to pass out in the abandoned houses of lower west 4


June 14, 19976

Today I was riding the subway and for some reason all but 42 passengers rushed off frantically at 42 and 31st street. Shortly after those frantic, homeless souls had rushed off of the subway train; the power to the subway was shut off and the 42 of us that had stayed on became trapped as a violet colored cloud fumigated the subway train. Remaining conscious was not an option.7

When I woke up darkness seemed to follow me as if I was it’s commander. As I looked around I noticed that someone had pried open the subway car door. When I walked out of the subway train I noticed that two unfortunate souls had wandered out into the sunlight.8

However I welcomed this discovery because now I knew that whatever the chemicals did to us made it impossible for us to walk out into the sunlight. But before I could announce my theory a young woman and her daughter pushed past me; I watched in horror as the two bodies spontaneously combusted and were nothing more than two piles of ash caught in the wind.9

I was relieved to find that after I announced my discovery no one else had dared to ventured into the light, but I noticed that only 34 out of the 42 of us had survived the transformation, the sudden mutation, that the chemicals had brought to us. Our eyes each glowed a different color and allowed us to see in the dark. Our hair varied more than any shade of black among the African-American race, each with its glow in the dark neon color. My hair was a deep and dark neon green and was the same color as my eyes.10

I also noticed that the power was back on, but it could not shine through the darkness that I created and carried with me. This was comforting to me because it meant that I was the protector, the very life force of this newly mutated civilization. These people were my followers, for they would die if I was not here to create the darkness in which we would now live and thrive.11

Since they needed me and I needed them we were now a family among mutation. I shall now rise up to defend my people as Night Rink and they shall be my night walkers.12

There wasn’t any food in this subway line and the food in the vending machines was long over due for a trip to the garbage can. So every month at midnight I would venture to the docks with my people and we would take enough food to survive the month. This food was mostly fruit from tropical islands and fish.13

One day about six months after we had started to take the food, the packers that would load up the crates on the dock filed a complaint that someone was stealing their produce.14

Nine months after our new outlook on life began our home, subway 41 east was condemned by the government and awarded to us as a payment for the mistake of a Gregory Yikes. It turned out that Gregory had disobeyed a direct order to leave the power on to New York city.15

Instead he decided to turn off the power unknowingly trapping us in the subway car. Gregory was charged with the indirect murder of 8 people, the people that did not survive the mutation, and involuntary manslaughter of the senator of New York that was on our subway, the first man that had ventured out into the sunlight,that was identified by his cell phone.16

Since Gregory died in jail about two years ago, most people have forgotten about us. To you day walkers we are just a big hairy fish tale.17

As of this very moment every day we are constantly trying to protect ourselves against silly teenagers, trying to prove to their friends that we exist, and unknowingly dragging us out to our doom into the sunlight.18

So in subway 41 east we live and die. It is both our home and our graveyard, and this mutation is both our blessing and our curse. Forever as long as we shall live we are the ones that haunt the night. 19

41 East20

“Night Rink we have to hurry the sun is hunting us two paces behind our ankles.”21

“We’re almost there Side Winder just a little bit further.”22

“I don’t think I can make it Night Rink I’m too tired.”23

“You’re going to make it whether you want to are not, Side Winder.”24

“Okay Night Rink, for you I’ll try.”25

Night Rink26

We only went out to see what the council meeting was about; I knew it was late and the sun would rise pretty soon, but stupid little me forgot about day light savings time so the sun started rising an hour early. Now because of me Side winder is in the sick room. The sick room is a room of complete and total darkness; where our healer, Angel’s Magic, heals those with mild case of touch of sunlight poisoning.27

The council meeting was held by a new organization this year called M.E.S. M.E.S is a secret organization assigned by the F.B.I to keep the Night Walker population a myth to the day walker world.28

As you should recall, two years ago Manhattan Chemical Factory exploded. Well here is what you don’t know; The F.B.I called it a state of emergency and said there was a bomb threat on New York City. Well what they called a bomb threat was actually the chemical plant going into a class five explosion.29

The F.B.I said every one was evacuated in time before the so called bomb hit. Well we were left behind, so that claim is a lie. Now since we were left behind we are a huge threat to the government because we are proof that it wasn’t a bomb that destroyed half of Manhattan.30

Well M.E.S isn’t here to keep us underground; they are here to experiment on us like lab rats, to determine exactly what made us this way and why only some of us survived the transformation. M.E.S is the Mutant Experimentation Squad. Since we, my people and I, are being hunted we are packing up camp and moving into the Leaky cave system under the Xavier Institute.31

There we shall hide until we think it is safe to return to 41 East. However we are in a tight predicament; the sun is still up and will remain up until about seven o’ clock this evening. So here we must wait.32

“Night Rink, Side Winder is going to be just fine the sunlight just barely hit his ankles. However he isn’t going to be able to walk for some time.”33

“That is fine, Angel’s Magic, tonight Would you mind wait here with him while I take every one else to the Leaky cave system because I’ll have to move him my self.”34

“I would be most honored to Night Rink, but promise me that you won’t forget about us no matter what should happen.”35

“I promise you Angel’s Magic that I will come back for you no matter where fate should take you; or may the sun take my soul.”36

“Lighten see to it that every one gets some rest for me, we have a long journey tonight through the sewers to Rochester where we will meet up with the Leaky cave system.”37

“Alright, Night Rink, I shall spread the word.”38

“You should get some rest too, Night Rink, I’m the healer I’ll stay with Side Winder.”39

“Are you sure?”40

“Yes now go and sleep.”41

3-12-1999 7:30 p.m.42

“Alright every one make sure you don’t forget anything, pair up with someone so you have someone to keep you awake and occupied; now lets move out.”43

We must have walked for about six hours before we finally reached the Leaky cave system. My people were setting up camp, I left in a hurry to make sure there was enough time for me to get Side Winder and Angel’s Magic back with the rest of our family.44

I ran hastily through the sewers until I reached 41 East, only when I walked into the sick room Side Winder and Angel’s Magic weren’t there, but I turned around to find a bunch of agents armed and ready to fire. They were just about to pull their triggers, when a tall sickly looking man raised his hand and said,45

“Hold you fire men; it seems we have lost the Night Walkers but at least we got ourselves a constellation prize, the one that nourishes the little demons, Night Rink.”46

“You know”, I said,“Darkness is very nippy it is amazing how much of the body will actually freeze in it.”47

I summoned the coldest darkness that I could conjure and thrust it upon the M.E.S agents until the leader started begging for mercy saying,48

“Please please have mercy on us I beg you, I’ll do any thing any thing please.”49

“Give me my friends back you cowardly day walker.”50

“I can’t said the day walker slightly amused they have already been taken to the laboratory, you can join them if you want.”51

I made the darkness colder and colder to the best of my strength until there lay before me an army of ice sickles. I must keep my promise to Angel’s Magic, but in order to do that I ill need some help from my family; my Night Walkers.52

I ran back to the Leaky cave system where my reinforcements waited patiently for my return, unknowingly preparing for a battle that they did not yet know about.53

When I returned to my family and told them the news they were so infuriated that Hell seemed pleasant; M.E.S didn’t know what they got themselves into, but they were going to find out.54

Before we could find the M.E.S headquarters we had to pay a little visit to our old friends, the F.B.I. We ran so fast to downtown New York that all you could see was a small train of darkness. Thanks to our very helpful Dynamite, breaking into the F.B.I. was easier than cutting a wedding cake.55

The M.E.S. headquarters was located under the Statue Of Liberty, getting there would be the real challenge now because the sun was about to rise and waiting for it to go down again was not an option.56

I had an idea so I called on my friends Mystic and Houdini, the mischief twins, their abilities were like magic if they weren’t night walkers, I’d swear they were warlocks. I thought perhaps they could combine my power with Transport, a teleporter, and Portal, a night walker with the power to create worm holes, to make a darkness teleportal that would allow us to walk in darkness right into the M.E.S facility.57

The two said a few words then boom we had our passage to M.E.S to save our friends.58

I went through the portal first to insure that it would be dark on the other end. Then the rest of my family followed me, except for the mischief twins because they have to keep the portal open. I told Lighten to stay behind to protect the mischief twins; mainly because he is strong willed but mostly because he is only nine.59

“Dynamite blow up this wall, Pause freeze frame those people, Wolf sniff out Angel’s Magic and Side Winder”60

“Night Rink we need to hurry…”61

“Why Wolf?”62

“They are being moved to the infirmary and if they reach the infirmary we won’t be able to save them.”63

“Which way to the infirmary, Wolf?”64

“I don’t know there are too many scents here; too many day walkers.”65

“Thank you, Wolf; Cerebro can you get a fix on them?”66

“I can try, but no promises.”67

“Okay guide me to them when you find them; Psionic stay with Cerebro make sure he isn’t disturbed, the rest of you fan out they have got to be around here somewhere.”68


Night Rink they are in the observation deck on sub level two and they are heavily guarded. Wait a second they are moving, Night Rink they coming up behind you….Night Rink think something answer me Night Rink."70


Night Rink72

Where am I…Who are you?73

“Don’t be alarmed, Night Rink, you really didn’t expect to break into my facility and not get caught; did you?”74

“Well yeah actually I did and you have caught me, but the question is how do you think you are going to keep me.”75

“That doesn’t matter now does……it; how how how did did you get out? What is that?”76

“Thanks Fade, I guess I should have told him that you can walk through every thing, right Fade?”77

“Well now, Night Rink, why would we do that?”78

“We wouldn’t, now can you get me out of this cage please so we can find the rest of our family?”79


M.E.S facility south wing holding pens81

“I hope Night Rink is okay.”82

“We all do Side Winder; we all do.”83

“Yeah I know, Angel’s Magic, I just feel bad because he wouldn’t be in the infirmary if he hadn’t come looking for us.”84

“He was just keeping his promise to us, Side Winder; just like a leader should do for his people.”85


The holding pens are on the south side of this level, but they are very heavily guarded on the outside. Side Winder and Angel’s Magic are being held there with the rest of our family, thanks to you they are still alive.87

We can’t fight our way through the guards alone so we are going to take a detour through a few walls and slip in with our family undetected.88

If all goes well Night Rink we can get to the portal with out any haste and hopefully Lighten is still keeping that electrostatic shield up, otherwise we will have to fight our way through that level as well.89

Night Rink90

Lighten has a shield up? I’m glad, now, that I left him with the mischief twins because if I didn’t we would have to make another teleportal.91

Fade where are Cerebro and Psionic?92


Cerebro and Psionic are with the mischief twins. After Cerebro lost contact with you he and Psionic let out a huge psychic scream into the guards minds, knocking them on conscious.94

Since all the guards were immobilized they had enough time to run and alert Lighten and the mischief twins.95

Now they are safely protected behind Lighten’s electrostatic shield. Grab on to my hand and don’t let go unless you want to get stuck in between the walls.96

Night Rink in the holding pens97

Well I don’t want to do that again. Everyone buddy up, Dynamite blow up that wall, and every one get ready to run. Fade is going to lead the way and every one try not to fall behind.98

Fade lead away.99

At the portal100

Every one through the teleportal, hurry; Dynamite when every one is through the teleportal I want you to blow this place up okay.101

“Okay I will.”102

41 East103

Night Rink104

Come on Dynamite all you have to do is walk through the tunnel and blow the building up; where are you Dynamite?"105

“I’m right behind you and just let me say one thing M.E.S is history.”106

“Oh thank you God; now lets get our stuff and bring it back home where we belong.”107

Life in the darkness108

As you know living in the glare of the impeding sun is no longer an option for the chemically mutated under ground population known as the Night Walkers. Well about three months, two weeks and five days ago, a mysterious secret organization known as M.E.S took it’s last breath abruptly as the Night Walkers broke out of the south side holding pens on sub-level two of the M.E.S experimentation facility.109


“Sticky, you almost done securing that new linoleum tile in the bathroom?”111

“Yeah, Night Rink, I have it secured it’s not my best glue job, but it’ll hold for about five more solid years.”112

“Very well; Freelance are the walls almost finished?”113

“Hold on a second, Night Rink, I’m fast, but not that fast and this quick dry spray paint ain’t helping much.”114

“Hey Night Rink, do you need any help putting those boards up?”115

“No thank you, Side Winder, I got them; Ready, Nail Gun, on my mark lock these boards into place, one two three lock’em down.”116

“You boys and your home cleaning methods; it’s a wonder that you didn’t hit those teenagers on the other side of the wall, Nail Gun.”117

“Night Rink, NIGHT RINK!!!”118

“Angel’s Magic is he going to be alright; what happened to him?”119

“Night Rink has been using his ability non stop to keep us alive; he has never taken a break so he is very tired so tired that his ability finally got to him, he needs to rest and I suggest you finish putting those boards up because his ability and our darkness is slowly going to retract, soon we will be in the sun’s path.”120

“It’s too late the sun is coming in every one into the sick room; and make haste.”121

In the sick room122

“Man it’s so crowded in here; we are going to run out of oxygen before too long; Night Rink hurry up and gather that strength so we can get out of here.”123

“Quiet, Essence, complaining isn’t going to make him any less tired.”124

“I Know, Shadow, I know; I’ll stop.”125

“Why are you all in here and what happened?”126

“Night Rink, you passed out and the sun started coming into the subway through the broken windows and the subway style entrance/exit; so we all had to take refuge in here with shadow making a small scale chamber of darkness.”127

“Oh, okay thank you Angel’s Magic for the information; and thank you Shadow for standing up for your people in my despair.”128

“Well you are welcome, Night Rink, but can we get out of this tiny cramped room now?”129

“Yes of course Shadow and we can also finish fixing the subway up Night Walker style.”130

Three hours later 8:30 p.m.131

“Well we did it, our own little humble home; now lets go to the docks and get us some food.”132

“I hear that, Night Rink, lets get us something to savor this rampant hunger after this hard day’s work.”133

The Docks134

Night Rink135

Well we got enough food to last us the month lets head home; wait a second did you hear that? It sounded like a young woman screaming. Come on every one lets go check it out; she could be hurt.136

“Night Rink this food is heavy can’t you go by yourself; I can take you load with me.”137

“Fine, Aqua, I’ll go by my self.”138

A few minutes later139

Night Rink by his self140

Hey get away from her!141

It was a young woman that I had heard and if I hadn’t gone looking for her, that man; that creep would have violated her then probably killed her, that is if he hadn’t violated her already, Angel’s Magic would be able to tell but right now she is unconscious.142

I carried the young woman to 41 East where Angel’s Magic could tend to her, and there I waited for some sign of good news; relief.143

Angel’s Magic144

The young woman is going to be fine, but she has been violated and might not want to wake up to a man’s face; so I think it would be best if Shadow were to be the one to give the bad news to her.145

As for the rest of her she is about 17 and she has sustained a few minor cuts and bruises that I healed up well.146

I’m afraid that the only scar that this young woman will carry from this injury is the face of the man that violated her.147

She awakes in the darkness148

Angel’s magic149

Night Rink the young woman has awoken, Shadow is talking to her as we speak and the young woman wishes to look into the eyes of her rescuer; so here I am telling you to go and see to her.150

Night Rink151

Thank you, Angel’s Magic, I’ll be in there in a moment; can you prepare her for what she is going to see. It is after all not every day that you actually meet the object of people’s myths.152

15 minutes later153

Night Rink and the young woman154

“How are you feeling? Is there anything we can get you? If there is I assure you that we will get you what you ask for to the best of our resources.”155

“I’m feeling better, but what are you? Are you still human? What did this to you? Who were you? Who are you now?”156

“For starters I’m a night walker and I don’t think we qualify as humans anymore because the dictionary defines human as: of, natural to, concerning, or belonging to, mankind and since humans don’t have neon colored eyes or neon hair or even special abilities; no we are no longer human. As of what did this to us, well it was a mixture of chemicals that leaked out into the air when the Manhattan chemical facility exploded. Before I was mutated by the chemicals; I was an orphan named Siminy Tarcee. Now since I can create and manipulate darkness my people call me Night Rink.”157

“Wow so is it true that the sunlight kills you?”158

“Yes it’s so true it’s scary; It happens like this, the vitamin D from the sun combines with the UV rays, heat, and oxygen which causes the spontaneous combustion of our skin that spreads though our veins to our hearts and the rest of our bodies.”159

“Your right that does sound scary; that and the fact that you are alive when it happens.”160

“Actually it happens faster than you can clap your hands twice.”161

“That’s really fast.”162

“Yes it is; do you by chance have a name?”163

“My name is Sofia Mantega; I don’t feel so good I…..”164

“Angel’s Magic come here some thing is wrong with her.”165

Angel’s magic166

It seems that the chemicals that made us what we are; are still in the air of the subway. Night Rink the chemicals will either kill or mutate her.167

Only time will tell, I’ll send for you when she dies or wakes up in the mean time go get some rest while you have enough strength to keep up the darkness at the same time you are sleeping.168

Three hours later169

Sofia and Night Rink170

“I’m awake now, Night Rink.”171

“Yes you are so…….so sweet candy beautiful.”172

“I do wind, create, control and manipulate; so what are you going to call me?”173

“How about Wind Dancer.”174

“I like it.” 175

Duty in the Darkness176

Night Rink and ?177

“Man I don’t know how much longer I can contain my feelings for you.”178

“Then don’t contain them I’m a big girl I can handle them.”179

“I…..NO you’re not Wind Dancer; Chameleon if you so much as impersonate her again…..may God help you.”180

“Ooh so the big boy does have a thing for the new girl and a mighty big temper; come here you naughty little boy…”181

“Get back to work.”182

“Oh I’ll get back to work as soon as I feel like it, but in the mean time I think I want a little snack; don’t you?”183

“No, I’ll pass.”184

Night Rink185

Darn that woman she just doesn’t know when to quit. Angel’s Magic can you take over the rest of the morning until the sun rises so I can get some rest?186

Angel’s Magic187

Sure thing Night Rink you go and rest I’ll keep it quiet for you. Shadow could you make sure no one disturbs Night Rink while he is sleeping?188


No problem, I’d be more than happy to keep him sleeping. 190

Disturbing the darkness191

Two years later192


The American museum of natural history194

Tour guide195

Welcome to the American museum of natural history. If i’m not mistaken you are on a field trip in support of a geology club. Well on your left is our geology exhibit. As you can see it is about to be taken down, so I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience.5196


Well guys I guess that is it for today, gather around now so I can take roll then I guess you may run freely in the museum.7198

Ok Scott8199












Class keep your eyes out for Roger and Sofia if you see them tell the to come to me and check in.20211

Roger and Sofia21212

“See I told you this part of the museum was empty.”22213

“So ok now Roge lets go back now.”23214

“Gah will you please stop calling me Roge.”24215

“But I think it sounds suggestive; don’t you?”25216

“Hey Roge come look at this it looks like there used to be a room back here.”26217

“Sofia don’t go in there; there might be spiders in there.”27218

“Cool then ’i like spiders.”28219

“Sofia please I….Sofia please come back.”29220

“It’s alright Roge its just full of old back packs hmm Who’s Nathan Garmiza or Angel Maphet?”30221

“I don’t know, Sophia, Hey there is a baggage claim ticket on it; June 14, 1997?”31222

“Wait Roge June 14, 1997 isn’t that the day when the geology club went missing five years ago?”32223

“Come to think of it, Sofia, yeah that is when they went missing, but the feds said a terrorist group threatened to blow up New York City and they did full scale evacuations that day and that he was sorry because the club wasn’t anywhere.”33224

“Yeah and to this very day they haven’t been found.”34225

“Exactly Sofia.”35226

“Ok so answer me this, Roge, Why does the museum have their stuff, shouldn’t they have handed it over to the feds so the feds could give it to the families?”36227

“I don’t know.”37228


“Hey you kids get out of there you have no business to be in there.”39230


“Oh thank you sir for returning my students.”41232

“Yeah sure.”42233

“Ok now I think you two have some explaining to do.”43234

“Teach, sir, we found an abandoned store room and it is filled with the bags of the geology club members from June 14, 1997.”44235

“Really show me.”45236


“You two over there agents Spade and Leigh you are wanted down at the bureau for questioning.”47238


“What for?”49240

Feds 50241

“That is confidential information sir.”51242

Roger, Sofia, and the feds at the bureau52243

“So how much do you know about 1997?”53244

“Nothing except what is common knowledge sir, and that the museum still has the missing geology club’s bags.”54245

“Good and if I were you I would want to keep it that way; you both may leave now.”55246

“Lieutenant leave them at the docks I’m sure they can find their way back to the museum from there.”56247

At the dock57248

“They’ll be back, Sofia, they can’t just leave us here. Besides this place isn’t so bad, I mean look at all those boxes of food.”58249

“Get your head on straight, Roge, it is night we can barely see and it is supposed to get down to 60 degrees and we haven’t got coats.”59250

Night Rink60251

Well would you look at those hippies arguing. I wonder how long it is going to take them to see us and scream. Man they are really going at it arguing about the silliest things as if they have room to say they are hopeless.61252

Angel’s Magic62253

Yeah Night you think they could use our help. Hmm do you even think they deserve our help?63254

Night Rink64255

Well we should help them Angel for the sake of them shutting up.65256

“Hey you two are you lost?”66257

“Who….what the hell are you some sort of mutant?”67258

“For your sake I’m going to ignore that; you guys want to stay the night it is supposed to get cold out here?” 68259

“I guess just don’t get any ideas.”69260

“Trust me you’re not worth the energy.”70261

“Good then were agreed.”71262

“Roge for once just respect their hospitality and shut the hell up.”72263

“Fine Sofia I will.”

( all the night walker stories so far)


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