Creature of the fog

It was in the early morning that, from the inner mists of the winter fog, I was frightened to catch myself thinking I was being stalked by this, rough-backed, big eyed, creature. How I could think about such a thing was disturbing enough, but then I found that little thought growing in my mind into a cloud that made me fly faster than I had ever flown before.1

It was too dense of me to think I could keep at this speed for long. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would find myself stopped upon a pile of fiscal matter regaining my strength. Then it was unmistakable, not too far from where I was flying, fumigating in the fog, was a fresh pile of early morning dog droppings. I could no longer restrain myself for the fumes smelled so good, I darted the few inches and set my self to the task of feasting upon them.2

Almost satisfied I felt this trickle of a chill run through me. The feeling was unmistakable not too far away from me was this giant, big mouthed, rough backed, bulgy eyed, creature with this huge rumble within it’s gut. I knew I had to do something for I had heard tales of my own kin coming back to face with this same hunger driven creature and not ever being seen again.3

Maybe it was just the wind on my wings, I started to wonder, or perhaps it was merely the air growing colder before the first light of the sun. Well maybe it was just an old coot like me going paranoid.4

The creature crept a little bit closer, I knew for I felt it in the air. The feeling was unmistakable it was enormous for if I had a shadow I knew it would not be seen in the creature’s presence. I had heard other stories about this creature, stories that told of a long sticky tongue that lashed out of it’s enormous mouth at the creature’s prey. 5

That story didn’t scare me in this situation for I was certain that it was about this large slimy backed creature. No this was certainly a giant rough backed creature.6


What was that I asked myself while I began to look around. I was really scared now that sounded too loud to be far away, but the fog was too dense I couldn’t see any thing except the fermenting pile of dog droppings that I was perched upon. Should I just stay here and wait as that creature got closer and closer or should I fly away and surrender the droppings? 8

Yeah that was it the creature must want the droppings, but I’m standing on them. Yeah that’s it the creature doesn’t want to eat me it just wants the dog droppings okay then it can have the dog droppings.9

I loosened up my legs and vibrated my wings, I could feel my blood circulating in the cold foggy air then finally I was ready to fly. I licked the dog dropping one last time for the flight then went vibrating into the air.10

I was certain now that the creature didn’t want me for I felt slightly warmer and relaxed. I was very pleased with myself for working that problem out, so pleased in fact that I found myself turning back and flying in the direction of the droppings that I had just surrendered.11

Then as I reached the place and saw that the droppings were still there just the way I had left them, I felt cold. What a waste to let them fumes die off, they will taste horrible now.12


I heard the creature again, but this time I couldn’t even see the droppings beneath me. The fog had gotten denser and the air had gotten colder. The creature was near it was somewhere behind me, I was sure of it this time. Frightened I flew up into the fog in front of me, straight away from the creature, I was sure of it.14


Oh no I was wrong the creature is in front of me, for sure this time, I was certain. Even more frightened than before I immediately changed my direction flying back the way I had came, away from the creature, this time I was sure. 16

I was almost to the droppings again, until there towering in front of me was this giant rough backed creature with these horrible yellow brown eyes fixed upon me. It’s eyes were glowing with hunger. I tried to fly away, but his eyes seemed to capture my movement. 17

There was no where I could go, but I flew away from the creature any way, until I felt the creature’s mouth open and this huge splitting disturbance cutting the air behind me.18


This long sticky tongue caught me, I tried but I couldn’t break free. I was pulled along as the tongue retracted its self as fast as it had been flung at me.20



The End.

Creature of the fog


Fresno, United States

  • Artist


creature fog

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