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you say you love me
i say what i lie
you say im your everything
i start to cry
all you said ment everything to me
and now all asudden your being a cow
i tryed my best to be your perfect little girl
i even died my hair so that you would be satified
but nothing i do seems to be right
i go to bed and cry
but no one can really help me now
the cuts are deep
deeper than before
any moment i will get deeper
and die
i get to attacted and than bang your gone
i didnt even get to sing you my song
i actaully loved you and i thought you felt the same
but i was wrong, wronger than i had ever been before
you said you were different and i believed
but ha what full of shit you were saying that!!
you say im imature you say im not nice
you call me a tramp and many more things
you break my heart that can never be fixed
and as the days go past my heart wont last
this pain is killing me
how can you not see
you are tearing me apart
and the cutting gets deeper
as the days go past
my life is over
nothing left to hold onto
lost pratically everything
that ment the world to me
as my tears drop and my arms ache
i finally reliese that this was a mistake
i might have ‘BOY PROBLEMS’ but atleast i have boys
and i might not be your perfect little girl but i dont really care
im sick of being someone im not im sick of being the girl who wants to be known
i didnt get pregnant, what the hell was that
rumors just speard faster than time
no one can help me no one at all
im sick of trying to please everyone
you can all get die cuz i already did!!
i died and now im back, back to start something i should have started
a really long time ago
im back to start i missed life
im back as myself and not the try hard emo!!!!

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