A Warning to all photographers!

Last year I was looking for a nude pregnant model.I had 5 girls lined up for the role but one by one they changed their minds so I gave up on the idea. About 4 months ago I was chatting to an online friend who I discovered she was pregnant! I mentioned I was looking for a pregnant model last year and she thought that would be a great idea.
Well today was the day the the shoot finally came about.I had spent 3 weeks scouting for nice locations to do the shoot. The model 26yrs old and 37 weeks pregnant & no car so I agreed to pick her up drive to the location & take her home.
Well the trip was 116km & about 5 hrs all up. The shoot agreement was a TFCD shoot for my website & I offered the model some websize images with the opportunatey to buy prints if she liked them. After the shoot I got the model to sign my standard release form as any good photographer would do!
She was very pleased with the shoot & was excitied to see the images & spoke of a second shoot when the baby is born.
On the way home The model gets a call from her partner & she tells him what we have just done! This didnt go down too well & it seemed somewhere along the way she didnt mention to him about the style of the shoot.
After I drop her off I get a text message as im driving home that she would like to terminate the agreement & asked me to post it back to her & that she would pay for all the images I had taken of her.
Just as I get home I get a call from her partner telling me he didnt know anything about the shoot and wasnt going to pay for anything.
I tried to explain the agreement we had made & said id email a few sample pics & if they purchased everyone would have something for their time & effort.
About 2 hours later I get a phone call from the ladies father threatening me with legal action claiming I had taken advantage for her in her delicate state & was trying to extort money from her!!
This is where I explained his daughter who was over 18 did not require parental consent & that she has signed a standard model release form!! ( ALWAYS USE A RELEASE FORM FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION) I then tried to explain what I was asking was only fair as its not my business if models discuss details with family.
Now that legal action has been mentioned I will be retaining the release form just in case any action is pursued.

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