For starters...

I love art. I want art.
I finally accepted it.

The thing is, I never really had any ‘formal’ education about art. I was a business major in college. The only medium that I used back then was my set of colored pencils. I do not know how to use photoshop or illustrator.

Until just recently.

I took some short classes re graphic design after working for a short time.
So now, I use Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Fireworks and Flash.
I hope though that RedBubble would be able to accomodate Flash animation.

I am now trying to familiarize myself with pencils. I have to give myself more time and patience, though. Sometimes, I forget that when you made a mistake in your sketch, you cannot just easily erase it. Unlike photoshop, with “ctrl-z” around, you can undo your latest blunder.

I once tried using watercolors. Well… I just have to put that one aside. : D

So, yes. I joined RedBubble because I want to be inspired by other people’s work. And believe me, I have a huge, huge respect to people who can come up with such a creative (and sometimes, simple) work.

And of course, I want to learn, too.

I will be uploading my works too. Soon, I hope. For comments and critics.

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