On Our Way to Barcelona!

A card sale before we left going to barcelona,thanks to you who bought my GREEN ORCHIDS and merry x mas too so to all of you my dear fellow RB mates…se e you all soon,,,enjoy this holiday seasons…. lol jerry

Advance Christmas Greeting!

I just wanna wish all of you guys ,friends, RBmates,RBstaff,buyers in and out of RB with your family ,a very MERRY Xmas ,a PEACEFULL AND ARTISTIC 2009,you are all really very nice to me all year round,,,a huge HUG to all.
Every year me ,my wife LILETH and my son NICCOLO spend our xmas in other place of this world just to experience how other countries celebrate their x mas,their tradition,foods and celebration.this time were going to BARCELONA ,SPAIN. if there somebody from you in this place just let me know ,,i am glad to meet you….were have been to SWEDEN, DENMARK,GERMANY,LONDON AND FRANCE,,,,they have different xmas tradition and we love them all…well i do this greetings in advance,,because were leaving on sunday for a whole week vacation, so sorry i cant send you some shot from v…

My BEST Seller,,Rocks Again!

thanks SUCURI for buying a mounted print of my best seller work SOFTLY , now i know this is true,if you read my journal last fewdays ago about this strange buy of this image, and now finally i know it is not a joke,the RB staff explain me that it takes a week before i can received a comfirmation of the sale, if it is paid by PAYPAL, but anyway i would like to express my huge thanks to all for your great concern,,,

Thank you!

So thankful for the buyers of my KILLBERRY.. it is a 2nd laminated sale this week…im so glad you like it guys,,,,also a huge thanksto all of you my good supporters here ,outside and inside RB

Can It be Possible?

Yesterday i received a bubble mail from RB that i sold my SOFTLY but i havent received any notice from RB that they usually does,i check also my sales but doesnt appear there even… i didnt even know what type of sale i sold,card, frame,poster ect… i just wrote a mail to RB but until now they doesnt reply..could it be a joke or a real..huh! have a nice sunday
this is the RB mail that i received

sucuri wrote you a BubbleMail about 11 hours ago:
sucuri bought some of your work recently and left you a note:

Regarding Softly:
This is beautiful, and I can’t wait to hang it up on my wall. Thanks so much!

This Morning and This Afternoon,

This Morning i sold a large canvas print of my PLASTICSTRAW, and hours have just fast,….this afternoon another laminated sale of my KILLBERRY, which has been in featured page yesterday… i think being feauture here,attract people to buy our art…like this 2 they are both featured this month,…well many many thanks to the buyer and to all of you guys…cheers!…i cant believe this. lol jerry

The most expensive sale!

I sold a large canvas of my PLASTICSTRAW this morning and i might say that it is my most expensive sale i ever had here in RB..i want to send my huge thanks for the buyer, you really made my day and of course to all of you dear supporters…. jerry

To the Beautiful People of AUSTRALIA

My warmest regards to all of you,i wrote this journal just to ask a very HUGE favor specially you guys from MELBOURNE…Adriana Glackin one of our talented artist here send me a comment on my MOISTURE work and teling me that she saw my posters hanging on the wall of a new green grocer at GLENBROOK, I am so happy for this wonderful news and so eargerly wanted to see those in person but as you know going there from here italy is not a joke ,time and money are a big requirement to do so, which i dont have much!. i just asking you guys if you have a little time to take some shot of that shop with my posters in and send it to me it would be a very great early XMAS gift for me and in return i will sending you one of my work here on your choice, i also ask adriana on this and still hoping to …

Its Good to be Back!

hi guys! im back….after a long absent at RB due to my PC problem but now ,everythings are okey. sorry for not answering all your rb mail and comenting and replying for your comments.but i promise to go back on your beautiful works..i miss them!
…by the way i got my 1st check at RB this morning,,,wow what a feeling!hoping you got yours too. and finally..i want to inform you that one of our rb mate here at RB saw my poster work hanging on the walls of a new fruits and vagetable market and she send me this …read this…… Adriana Glackin, about 16 hours ago
What a small world this is – I’ve been staring at the poster of an apple at my new green grocer, along with the other fruit & vegetable posters on their wall – I knew I had seen the apple somewhere before….Today when I chatted to them ab…

Just want to say something

well RBmates and friends as you can see on my latest works, more of them, flowers and berries are unknown to me…so i just wanna say sorry for not giving you an information of those wonderful natures products…my connection is really slow thats why i cant reseach on them…i am asking you mates if any body knows what are them pls. dont hesitate to inform me okey…. lol jerry

After my 2 days absent at RB

Sorry my dear RB mates for not responding your comments and leaving some words on your beautiful works,my wireless connection is not working again…huh!..please forgive me ill back for you as soon as possible okey?

…. and yes after my 2 days off here…i found out that i won on the challenge of all things orange see this. and a card sold of my contrasting colors to our good rb mate Katagram a huge thanks to she will send this card to her mother for xmas because this is her mother favorite flower…thanks also to of you rbfriends. cheers!


2 cards were sold this morning,,,my FOR LADIES ONLY and the VERY BERRIES…a great things to start the day…very huge thank to unknown person for this sale..and to all of your dear RB friends…cheers

matted sale

thanks for our RB mate aliciamaher for buying a matted work of my red tulip…and again and again to all of you for your continues support…love yah!


just wanna say sorry to all …i dont have a PC now.,having a big trouble….back to you all soon..happy bubbling….jerry

Another day another card

another card is sold my WHITE and VIOLET after yesterday sale,thanks to our new member Knewberry for buying this card and again and again to all of you good artist friends. have anice day…jerry

Holy Cow

I am so surprised this morning upon clicking my bubble ….A bunch of cards i sold…20 cards..yes! 20 cards!…i cant belived it but its true. a huge thanks who bought those cards,,,,,,,,6 of THE GIFT 3 of LIGHT OF MY HEART and 1 of each !UN WANTED VERY BERRIESCHERRIESFIGs AND CHERRIESTOMATOESALL AROUND MEBICYCLEPEARSTEA TIME500FOR LADIES ONLY and lots of thanks to ALL of you mates and friends for your continues support! HUGE HUG JERRY!

my avatars

my 2 works is now an avatar of the 2 groups…the MACRO UNTOUCHED group on my work CANDIES and the VIBRANT PLANTS group on my work CONTRASTING COLORS a huge thanks for the host for using as an avatar and thanks to all you guys ,have a very nice week! jerry

This is HOT!

hey thanks, thanks and thanks..for the one who bought my card today REDHOT….you made me feel extra hot weather today. thanks also to all you guys around…JERRY

Too fast!

wow! thats too fast! i just upload my garlic photo four hours ago and our mate nancy stafford got interested on it right away, and bought a card, a very huge thanks to you and also ones again to all you good mates for the endless support.

Its About Time!

I think its About time to send my Huge Thanks to everybody..the wonderful RB staff, talented RB artists and friends and to all the buyers….for having this wonderful year of ARTS….this is some of my home page featured works …its so cool isnt it? Grazie mille a tutti!


Give me FIVE! on my SIX ,mates!

6 posters were just been sold this beautiful monday morning…what a great week to start..thank you very much for the buyer…maybe you have a restaurant or something or maybe in your kitchen? it is a perfect place to hang it.well no matter what a HUGE thanks again…and like always, You guys my RB Mates thanks for all your support..LOL

Thanks Trudi

a card of my glorious was just been sold to miss TRUDI…thanks a lot mate and hoping you wont regret of buying my work..thanks also to you all my rb mates…cheers..

I done it again!

thanks a lot to you guys…i been chosen to be the winner artist of the month in color me red group…i am so glad that i done it again, this time the really a winner not the second one…CHEERS! check me here

she is crazy!

mates ,hoping she does not disturbing you too,like she is doing to me now,this someone or this lady keep on sending me this same rb mail…i really dont know what she want..i answer her i dont need her picture but still sending me this.. i just report this. nancy35 wrote you a BubbleMail 10 minutes ago:…

My name is Miss nancy i was going throught this site now and i saw
your profile at i believe you are the right person i am
looking for,i will like you to please send


Another mounted sale of my WHITE & VIOLET… a 1000X Thanks to all ! and specialy to you..pls let me know how is it ok? LOL

Not just ONE but FIVE!...and later on...another MOUNTED

WOW! it just only 6 hours were fast but i quickly sold not 1 but 5 cards of my new work SOFTLY. …What a nice thing to start the day! thanks you very much reflexio i am very flattered he is one of the BEST artist here in RB, thanks also for all of you guys who made comments and add it on your favorite…lol cheers jerry YES ! after couple of hours a MOUNTED Prints on my SOFTLY II was sold again by REFLEXIO..oh man HE really likes my work…thanks, thanks and thanks!

feeling very bad!

I been hospitalized this morning at emergency room.. this morning i got a very bad flu….the worse flu i ever had in my life…39 to 40 degree centigrade fever…i cant swallow or eat. even drink .terrible body and headache.. and vomitting.they want me to stay in hospital but i dont want …i hate staying in i back this afternoon in my home with all this antibiotics….i feel quite good now but still i cant stay long on my feet…i just want to say sorry that i cant reply on your comments and rb mail…i really need to get rest sorry… on my way to bed….this image makes me little bit better lol jerry

Thanks for the sale of my PRETTY IN PINK!

I huge thanks to our dear mate Carolyn Stuart for buying my pretty in pink card…i am very very glad you like it..and thanks again to all of you friends and mates for taking time to see and comment on my works …you are all so kind…CHEERS! LOL jerry

A set of 4

BEST in your living room or awesome in your bedroom…a set of four colors you can choose to hang on your wall in your favorite room it will give you a COOL and colorful ambience…,if you like to order just send me a bubble mail and i will upload the high pixel version….

How about some writing on this!

this are the remaining following works that i want your writing to contribute on my book ,if you have some idea .please dont hesitate to share it to me ,you have to chose one. and thanks for all those who just send their beautiful poems…i just include some of them. lol jerry !

My 1st Book Needs You!

Good day to all of you RedBubblers!…I am searching for some contribution from you friends for the enhancement of my 1st Book ,l am looking for an original writing works from you guys,like poem,story,jokes ect.. ect.! that has a theme of colors…i am asking you this my friends because i want to share with you this extra ordinary project of mine.your contribuition will be publish on my book with your name if you permited to do so.include this journal is the sample book cover of our future book.well till here and i am looking forward for your numerous contribution…you can send your works on my rb mail or on my personal email add… ciao! ciao…grazie sorry for the bad image it is good in original LOL

2nd card on my EASTER CANDLES

I would like to thanks our mate Amanda Witt for buying my easter candle card and to all of you co bubblers,for taking time and sending comments on my works…i would like to take this opportunity to say sorry to all for not replying on all your comments now because at this moment i am working for my 1st BOOK , i would let you know when the book is ready to the public ok?…lol jerry

Easter Sunday at one of the 8 wonders of the world

Last sunday my family and friends celebrate our easter sunday at pisa. The leaning tower of Pisa, you cant believed it guys it is my very 1st time to see this beautiful place,it seems like in another world, very bigwide square ,church made of marmol,green grass all over,great to get some sun! and old buildings around the area a totaly awesome place,i decided not to bring my weapon ( camera i mean) to concentrate my time with my family, but my friend with a small digicam cant resist to take this photo remembrance…sorry for the bad shot ,i just wanna share it to all of you friends……… enjoy! me jerry my son niccolo my relatives my family me jump for joy

I Didnt make it!

ADRIANO one of our goodmate here send me this morning from UK, the april issue of DIGITAL SLRuser magazine with the winner of the contest which i am enter in 16 finalist but unfortunalely i didnt make it to the top! but still i am very happy and contented for the result, i just wanna say thanks a lot to you friends for your support and cares. thanks also for all those person who gave their offer and time to send me this copy of mag.which i will keep it to remember this awesome experience. pls.check this out he has a great work too!

Its my lucky week!

Mates and friends i thinks it is the luckiest week i ever had!…Yesterday my GREEN enter in 16 finalist on DSRL user magazine uk,february edition….then today 2 of my work is included in home page the KILLBERRY and APPLES….and some minutes later a card sale of my FIRENZE! huh! what a feeling! thanks to all LOL! jerry

To all my Dear mates in UK!

Last night i received a mail ,telling me that one of my work is included in the 16 finalist in the DSRL magazine UK, kitchen still life compitition,i just want to ask a help, if there is some one of you my friends living in UK can send me a copy of that mag. i think february or march issue. even a used one and i am willing to pay all the expenses that may be needed..i am very curious and proud of it!
thanks you guys your help is much appreciated
resfectfully yours
click here

After 9 hours.

YES! after 9 hours that i post my new work,AFTER THE RAIN its been sold ,a laminated print,thanks you so much who bought it.. lol and again to all of you mates,

Another Card!

i would like to send my big thanks to our mate Caroline Gorka for buying my THREE card. wow!another sale this week! and a very BIG thanks again to all of you mates, cheers!

Grazie Mille!

another card sale on my GREEN ORCHIDS, thanks a lot to you and thanks again to all of you mates for the support, cheers! jerry
p.s. GRAZIE MILLE means a thousand thanxs LOL!

RB Anywhere!

My PC and CELL……..RB here! …RB There!….. REDBUBBLE anywhere! thanks a lot my PC is working now! but my POCKET is crying out loud…Thanxs to ALL of YOU mates for your help and really CARE!

resfectfully yours, jerry

f - - k! my PC Dont work!

hey guys i think my pc is invaded by doesnt work ,i mean dead, till yesterday night,i am worried that i might lost my works that i save only on my pc,dont know what to do.huh! i have to load a nice one too for this SPECIAL DAY but unfortunately i cant,i am just renting this pc, that i am using now so my time is very limited,and i dont want to stay long here in this very small place,computer and people are side by side….so i am sorry for not responding your comments..wish me luck on my pc..HAPPY VALENTINES TO ALL! jerry

the RED!

Another card has been sold again a BIG WOW! a lot of thanks for the one who bought it,the RED. thanks to all you guys

3 Cards

This is VERY COOL! I sold another 3 cards this morning and i know who is the one who bought it,she is IRENE BURDELL try to check it out her beautiful works she is a very talented artist too i promise you wont regrets. A VERY VERY BIG THANKS to HER and thanks also for all of you

2nd place winner!

WOW! a huge thanks for all of you guys who voted and not voted for me ! YES! i have been chosen to be the 2nd place winner of the COLOUR ME RED ,Best photo/artist of the month contest for february 2008, if you have time pls. check it out! at colour me red forum! thanks

2 days in a row!

yes guys after yesterday sale of WHITE AND VIOLET, today another card has been sold my ORANGE DELIGHT,its really cool dont know how happy i am,i want to thanks again the one who bought it..LOL! and also all you guys for your wonderful support….always jerry


i would like to say sorry for all those person and friends who made a comments and add as a favorite my last work called ORANGE DELIGHT which i mistakenly uploaded 4xs,i just cancelled the other 3,if you wish to comment again ,it would gonna be fine and i would be very glad to hear again your feedback on it,because your comment are my inspiration…sorry again to the ff persons:J.K. York

.Gabriel K
.Rhys Jones
Benjamin Young
Gerry Mac
.Jeff Burns
heloisa castro
carolyn staut
IIunia felcher
jocelyn hyers
lisa hill

agian sorry and hope to hear more words from you guys!

Happy Birthday!

Tanti auguri a me! tanti auguri a me! tanti auguri ,tanti auguri ,tanti aguri a me!……means…goes something like this…Happy bday to me ,Happy b day to me , happy bday,happy bday, happy bday to me!…..hey folks thanks for your greetings

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