A Wonderful Xmas Gift!

2 Mounted sale on WINDMILL n PEPPERS,what a wonderful gift this xmas,thanks a lot for those of you who bought the 2 of my favorite work! i am proudly to say that I HAVE DONE MY WORK! thanks also to all of you,my dear mates for believing me and for your endless support this year 2007,wishing you all a creative,colourful and artistic 2008…PEACE! respectfully yours,jerry

Awesome day!

Its about 8 am when i left my home going to train station for CANON eos seminar,i arrived in milan at 11 am,then get underground train,then another bus,its quite a long trip but i must say that i was contented that i been there,i learn a lots of thing, they let us try using all the diff canon cameras and lenses model ,to taste how delicious it is.i meet photographers from of italy and from near by countries,The reading of my profolio is great,they told me that i have a great potential to be a good photographer but they told me that i must concentrate on one theme so i can be diff.from the others. and to be know in that field,well friend the CANON eos seminar is all over europe now,you can check their website eos fotografica 07,you can join just ask them. it a very…

first T sale!

wow! i sold a t shirt, PEACE, i really dont expect it,i just do it for fun, thanxs a lot for you who bought it,i am happy to know who and where you are, from this sale you encourage me to make more t shirt design.

the winner is?

thanks each and every one for you paticipation on my little contest,i am very happy for your support, try to take a look at that shot to see the winner ,thanks again my dear mates…till next time


Dear friends and RBmates,

HI! I just want to let everyone of you to inform that i am decided to change my profile name here in RB. the NICOLOYPH which stands for NICOLO=The name of my son,Y= is the last letter of my name JERRY and lastly PH= are the 1st two letters of the PHILIPPINES where i was born, its gonna be cancel and change it for my real name JERRY ALCANTARA, there is no important reason why i should change it,it just only pop on my mind. Im just hoping that each and everyone of you who are spending time and appreciating my works to continue supporting me as much as they do for NICOLOYPH……THANK YOU VERY MUCH!Respectfully yours,Jerry Alcantara


I am surprised this morning about new e mail that i received from CANON international. they send me a very nice invitation to join on their 2007 canon eos discovery seminar that will be held in milan italy on dec.1st 2007,local and international famous photographers will be there,as a matter of fact they ask me to bring my photos profoglio which they want to see.maybe to give some advice or comments on my works. I am so excited about this..tomorrow i have to make a train ticket reservation for that event because florence is quite far from milano its about 2.5 hours travel by fast train. who wants to join you are all welcome! its sounds fun!

3 Months After

Exactly 3 months now since i accidentally found REDBUBBLE site and from then on every day i keep on encountering new interesting things,like aquairing new knowledged from other works,sharing and even teaching,discovering new places, events,story and people from diff.part of this wonderful world,which is very hard to do personally ,bringing to the world my artistic capabilities in my very own little way but most of all gaining new FRIENDS….yes mates i found new very good friends here. u cant even imagine how nice they are!, exchaging opinion,sending some greetings,asking you how are you now? and so on..not to mention even some of personal problems and help! we gain confidence with each other without even knowing this person personally. so THANKS RB for all of this.without you i …

I cant believe it!

guys almost 4 hours in waiting and still dont have any changes,its serious mates,cant load photos, i cant take it anymore may be its better to go to bed…so goodnight to all here in europe…good morning there in australia and good afternoon you guys there in america…bye bye! …..hoping tomorrow is a better day!

Something wrong?

What is happening here? i having a hard time to upload my work,not only now but its happened very often, is theres something wrong?i hope is not a serious trouble.well the only thing for me to do is to wait ! huh!

Its My Turn!

Everytime when i am reading redbubble journals i keep on seeing a lot of person saying this things" wow! my first sale" ,thanks who bought my photo", its my second sale" and so on!…….So i keep on asking my self why they can , i am not? they sell they works very often,somebody saying 3 or 4 times a month or even more.but how about my work am i good enough? or maybe something wrong with my shot?…but the redbubble sometimes include my shot on they home page,and people sending a lots of comments on it,meaning others like my job.and yet still no body buy even a single card. meaning i dont still has a proof that someone really like my works….i am thinking that perhaps i must be sending some more better shot than before…this afternoon after a wholeday tiring work,upon opening my bubble,….a very…

MACRO please!!!!!!!

Hi! to all of you my dear RBmates,i hoping that everything are doing fine,i wrote this journal to ask a big help from you guys, i am badly looking for a good micro lense even a second hand or used one, i dont have really big budget for this but i am really big fan of this shot. i would like to try it by my self,so if anybody of you that has an extra micro lense and it fits my budget please dont hesitate to digi cam is CANON EOS 30 D….. and also one thing if you know some website that sell this MACRO..please let me know, i dont thrust EBAY because i bought a year ago something from them but i am very disappointed when i received the product that i ordered….thank you very much and i am looking forward for the numerous reply….ciao ciao!


Last night i got a big surprised,when i saw this beautiful image,pop in recent entry in this site.i was surprised because this photo or shot is very familiar to me,somebody send this image which is not his work,he is taken that photo on one of the many shot in sample image gallery of THE WINDOWS VISTA. I am very curious about this someone, so i try to look his profile,it was then when i got really angree because it is not just one i think there is another 4 or 5 images that he load and send to red bubble,he also got the courage to tell in his fake shot when ,how and where he took that beautiful images. the sad thing is some person who dont know this images, send a very nice comments on this work,i think is very unpair for them,even for those who really took this image….. so i just…

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