Awesome day!

Its about 8 am when i left my home going to train station for CANON eos seminar,i arrived in milan at 11 am,then get underground train,then another bus,its quite a long trip but i must say that i was contented that i been there,i learn a lots of thing, they let us try using all the diff canon cameras and lenses model ,to taste how delicious it is.i meet photographers from of italy and from near by countries,The reading of my profolio is great,they told me that i have a great potential to be a good photographer but they told me that i must concentrate on one theme so i can be diff.from the others. and to be know in that field,well friend the CANON eos seminar is all over europe now,you can check their website eos fotografica 07,you can join just ask them. it a very nice experience.

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