3 Months After

Exactly 3 months now since i accidentally found REDBUBBLE site and from then on every day i keep on encountering new interesting things,like aquairing new knowledged from other works,sharing and even teaching,discovering new places, events,story and people from diff.part of this wonderful world,which is very hard to do personally ,bringing to the world my artistic capabilities in my very own little way but most of all gaining new FRIENDS….yes mates i found new very good friends here. u cant even imagine how nice they are!, exchaging opinion,sending some greetings,asking you how are you now? and so on..not to mention even some of personal problems and help! we gain confidence with each other without even knowing this person personally. so THANKS RB for all of this.without you i havent found you friends and friends to be…you know who you are guys! thanks

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