I thrive on creating images that reflect the world within as well as the world outside of myself. I am most compelled to work with constructing photos to present something a bit surreal that draws a viewer in. A little real. . .a little surreal. . . but all of it is inspired, in some way, from my surroundings and my life experiences.

I also create music and poetry and have experimented in just about everything that I have found to be creative at different times of my life.

“Everywhere in the modern world there is neglect, the need to be recognized, which is not satisfied. Art is a way of recognizing oneself, which is why it will always be modern.”
– Louise Bourgeois

This is the best way I know to extend the world I live in to others. . . an opening. . . a portal to the world I thrive in.


I have been working with themes as of late. There seem to be trains of thought that preoccupy me for certain periods of time.

I create one piece and next thing I know there are 7 or 8 more in line. I suspect these will be appearing here shortly as I resurface in the Red Bubble community.

All comments and inquiries are welcomed. . .

Live creatively and find the beauty of YOUR world in everything you see. . .

nicolas hall

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Letters to No One in Particular #1

She is 40 years old and a mother of four. / I overhear that her week ahead is free. No kids. And she wants to really sink herself into all of the creative projects she has been desiring the time to see through. But, so far, the storm brewing has been dry. This, as we know, leads to the self deprecation and loathing of the spirit inside. / “What’s wrong with me?” we may be likely…
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Gone (thanx for the view of the wall)

They are cutting these trees outside of our apartment windows. A few tall, majestic and beautiful Maple and Katsura. Gone. / I am sure, if they had let anyone know, there would have been questions and somewhat of a fight. I am sure they are doing it for what they deem the right reasons. Branches overhanging power lines and rooftops. But seriously, thank you for taking the little bit of life we co…
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Art as Spirituality

The other night I watched a documentary, narrated by Leonard Cohen, about the lives in a small Himalayan village and how they are linked though the process of living and dying and that connection to the doctrine of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. I highly recommend it though it has little to do with this entry. / No need to wait for my inevitable digression. . . / With any form of Buddhism, I have …
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A Path of Least Resistance

“Who in the world am I? Ahhh That’s the great puzzle!” – Lewis Carroll / It must be the most difficult thing in any individual lifetime. To figure out who you truly are and then, if one gets to that point, to live faithfully to that inherent self. / As I get older I realize the necessity of this, at deeper levels, all the time. / The pursuit of individuality is uneasy beca…
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