The Girl and Her 47 Sneezes

The Girl and her 47 Sneezes.

In the land of Snew there lived a tiny little girl with hair the color of straw and eyes so blue the heavens were jealous. To look at this tiny child you would not suspect she was capable of such destruction but when she sneezed the houses shook.

She never sneezed once or twice or even three times in a row but many, many times. On sneeze one, two and even three people walking by would say bless you but by sneeze six every ones hair was standing on end.

This was normal for the little girl and the land of Snew. Then one day she sneezed more than any one had ever heard.

By sneeze eight the Mayor closed city hall and the town boarded up its windows. By sneeze 10 her face was a beautiful cherry red and her nose was running and everyone hoped she was done.

Then sneeze 11, 12 and 13 before anyone could bless the tiny child. When sneeze 14 made the curtains sway the people knew they needed a plan. What to do? Oh what to do?

With sneeze 15, 16 and 17 the windows rattled and the alarms began to shriek. Sneeze 18 made the dogs howl and the cat stand on his head. Everyone ran willy nilly crying out.

By achoo 19 the flowers folded their leaves and the grass turned brown. But sneeze 20, 21, 22 and 23 came so fast and hard all the water flew out of the pool and drenched the terrified towns people.

Oh what to do what to do everyone cried. Sneeze 24 and 25 came before the girl could be grabbed and her nose wiped, and sneeze 26 brought the birds from the sky and sneeze 27 made the babies cry.

The poor tiny child was no longer standing and her face was swollen and red. The Police came to offer their service and the doctor cried “give her a tissue wipe her eyes”. When sneeze 28 cam the sky turned gray and the leaves began to fall. 29 made the people run and hide.

Grandma wanted to help she knew just what to do. “Quick, place a clothes pin on her nose” Sneeze 30 sent it flying and the people gasped, the little girl was hanging on to a light pole her feet in the air. So many sneezes she no longer stood.

Sneeze 31 made the lights fizz and the mayor cried “We need some one to save us quick”. Achoo 32 found the chicken laying all their eggs. “Quick grab the tiny little girl” cried the police as they watch her float higher and higher.
Suddenly she started to float back down and the air was quiet. Was she done could it be? But before they could hope sneeze 33 sent her past the roofs. Sneeze 34, 35 and 36 made the buildings shake and the cars break.

Some people wanted her to float away because they were afraid. Grandma said “we must we must help that more child before she combusts”. Out came the helicopters and up went the police. With a rope and throw they caught her before she floated away. Just then her sneezes started back up and sneeze 37, 38 and 39 broke the rope and shook the helicopter giving everyone a terrible fright.

Sneeze 40, 41 and 42 made the mayor cry “Why oh Why” The people ran from their houses as sneeze 43 and 44 gave the roofs a rattle and the windows a shake. The tiny child cried “Someone find my mother”. Sneeze 45 and 46 made a wind so great.

Just then the mother came from around the corner. “Wait” said the police. “Put on this helmet, and wear this rope. We will hold on because you are our only hope”. The mother smiled so sweet and kind. “Oh daughter of mind you must cover your mouth when you sneeze and blow your nose”. Just then sneeze 47 blew the helmet off mothers head and made the police gasp and drop the rope.

“Come here my darling let me help you”. As the mother held the daughters head the daughter blew her nose filling several tissues. Stepping back everyone held their breath. Was she done? Is it over no one dared breathe for fear the sneezing would reappear.

“It’s over everyone. Come on out, the girl and her 47 sneezes has been stopped”. This is a lesson for all. When the sneezes begin, bring out the tissues and remember to blow.

So if you are ever in the land of Snew and pass a little girl with hair the color of straw and eyes so blue, be sure to offer her your tissue and suggest a good blow. Then cover your head and run.

The Girl and Her 47 Sneezes


Fresno, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

A small girl and her crazy sneezes affect a whole town.

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