Fundraising for Navi

If you have found this shop, it is probably because you have come across one of my posts about some of the issues we are having with our cat Navi right now. Over the span of this past month, I feel like we have spent more time there with her than we have in her entire lifetime. The vet bills have been multiplying and after the past couple days, it looks like the bill is about to get 5x larger.

Navi is having some serious intestinal issues that are calling for all kinds of testing and scans, services that I’m having a hard time budgeting for. As a way of hopefully making some extra money for her vet expenses, I have created The Navi Line.

All money made from the sale of these products will go towards getting her healthy again. When we have enough funds to cover her vet bills, all money made from sales will go to our local animal shelter which helped us with her when we first found her.
The vet has estimated $700 for the basic scans, tests and medications, but we have a loose goal, I’ll honestly be happy with anything extra to go towards the costs. Every cent helps.

We all want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for keeping our little fur family in your thoughts!

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