Budapest, Hungary

I am from the UK but since 1996 have lived and worked in Budapest, Hungary as a freelancer in several varied disciplines. Working in...

Does anyone know...

Whathas happned to GeoCities?

I cannot access it at all on Yahoo and tonight as well as last night, my website has disappeared. It is making me feel a little paranoid.

My website isat htp://

I did get rather excited with finding so many arty websites before Christmas and uploasding my Ouevre, but reaction has set in, as really, it is sill aquestion of being in the right part of the world, and I don’t think I am from the point of view of this creative work, and probably, those people receptive to what I do would probably have to see my work rather than just view images over the internet.

I wish I know how to make small sales here, but still do not really know what is likely to sell. I have some designs Imade for badges made many, many moons ago and did make some 300 DPI copies. Some feedback here would be greatly appreciated.

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