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That 'Eureka' feeling....

This weekend I managed to resolve a picture that was good, but for years, had never quite been There. In fact, a galery owenr once sriticised it for the composition and negative space of it. I willpost it here soon – now, the the idea parting with iti s unbearable. And I do find that the ones I like best and don’t want to part with are usually the ones other people like best and do want to relieve me of. Alas, no exhibitons fothcoming yet…..

I will be uploading my two Eureka picures very soon. Check the titles.

Please note, however, that some drawings I have posted as possible cards, etc. The DPI is now big enough to allow that. In two cases I sold the originals this morning…for peanuts, but then, in Hungary, there is not much in the way of big money about.

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