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First ReModernist Annual Exhibition


Can I say that I did not know what I was taking on when I first suggested the idea?
I never expected the problems with PC’s and servers in getting the things sent , then trying to send them to our host for the exhibiton, that have been taking place. My PC is certainly groaning under the weight of the artworks I have received from you all so far: dead slow and stop seems to be about its speed at the moment.

The exhibition is taking place, but I fear via the ‘muddling through’ approach rather than an entity crisply planned from the start. However…it is taking shape, though I may be resorting to snail mail now with some of the images you have sent me – which never seem to arrive at their desired destination. Things have not been helped much that I have had to take on 7-day or at least 6-day weeks of jay-job work in order to recoup one or two losses here and there. The taxman taking all my dough, along with dough I do not have.

Anyway..than you all for your patience and for sending me your wonderful artworks.

If you have not done so, I still need from some of you a statement of intent – in other words, what you are about as an artist, and an image, or link to an image, which is 500 pixels of more.

Let’s keep working to get this thing on the road…….

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