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I am from the UK but since 1996 have lived and worked in Budapest, Hungary as a freelancer in several varied disciplines. Working in...


I have just uploaded two pictures of mine – one recent, one not.

The first one was finished at about 1988-1989 and I had moved into a an inner-city estate of tower blocks on the edge of the city centre of Coventry. I was visitng the flat of anoher artist where he and his friend were working on their paintings, one of who was quite happy to play a mentor role at the time – he made me realise that I was not pushing this creative pathanywhere nearly enough.

Anyway, I had been inspired by cityscapes, but after this, strangely, had not pursued it.

Now I have read that most of the blocks of flats where I had lived had been pulled down. I now live in a post-Communist block in Hungary, a flat very much like the one I had spent 6 of my years of my life in the UK. Recently I had been considering the idea of creating a sereis of abstract realist cityscapes again, but this time incorporating the texturalism of my ‘landscape’ painings. A constant flux of re-emerging, Pormethean buildings emerging form the memories of old houses and communities. I had seen some demolitions taking places in the centre of Budapest and had been fascinated by the richness of patterns amidst the buildings being pulled down, but alas, had not had my camera with me to take any images.

But Ihave found images of the blocks where I had lived being demolished on the internet.

It is all a bit close to he bone right now – I had known a lot of friends and had been part of a kind of a siege mentaility when I had lived where I had – until the tragic death of someone who had been a key part of the community of artists, amateur actors and dreamers saw the dispersal of it all – then, it seemed, only the drug dealers were left and the chavs and yokels…..I joined some of the friends I had known in this part of Coventry when they returned to the UK, to Brighton.

But it still seems to be to be a case of high-handed careeerists deciding what is good for oher people despite anything they had to say. But then, England never really seemed to know what to do with any building above 10 storeys once they had been built. The building I lived in is still standing, actually, but i still saddens me to hear that most of the others did get the chop.

Hopefully, tere won’t be anyone emerging here just yet with the desire to inflict any Brave New World ear where I live just yet…

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