Thank you for the *Features*

Before giving Thanks for the features, I would like to thank my friends for all the support they have shown me in this beautiful world of heART! I recently in the last month got injured at my workplace and can’t sit for a long time so if I don’t catch up to all the fabulous work of my friends, please forgive me!! I haven’t been around for a few days now so I am going to try my best to do the catch up , so bear with me.
Breast Cancer Awareness (October Month)
Three Features on this one! Many thanks to the great host of the following groups, ImageWriting2/24 : PEACE LOVE & TRANQUILITY : ALL ABOUT HEARTS
Two Features on this one! Many thanks to the great host of the…

I have so much to be *Thankful* For

First and Foremost
I like to thank all my friends here, for all the support & encouragement that they have given me since I joined this truly awesome world of heART. I have been so busy at my workplace, and can’t keep up with my friend’s awesome works, please forgive me!!
I would like to thank the great host to the many wonderful groups that has featured my work!! I am truly HONORED by each and every FEATURE!!!
To the group host:
Thank you ~ Sisters in Arms for featuring The Yellow Rose

Thank you ~ ! Inspired Art ! for featuring Sailing


*#3 Challenge Winner* - *The Best Of The Best* GROUP

I would like to take a moment to THANK the awesome host in this fantastic group for making my EAGLE’S WINGS #3 Challenge Winner.
I am speechless, honored, humbled, excited, and many more that I can’t think of right now. smiles It made my day, and even my week!!!
Check it out

I would like to take a minute for thanking my many great friends and artist here on Red Bubble for always taking time to comment on my work!!! I’m legging behind in returning my comments on your great work. I have been really, really busy at my workplace and don’t have the time to keep up as much as I should. In the last month I haven’t had a chance to look up, working outrageous hours like 24 hour shifts up to 40 hour shifts. So, please forgive me and bear with me through this really busy season. I am host o…

*Eight* More Features Since My Last Journal Entry!

I have to take a moment and THANK all the wonderful host to the following groups for featuring some of my work! I am always honored and humbled for each and every feature.
Thank you to the group host~Strictly Human Faces for featuring my lovely daughter!

Thank you to the group host~Color Me Rainbow for featuring Morning Reflections!

Thank you to the group host~Trees for featuring A Teal Sunrise!

Thank you to the group host~A Fascinating Purple for featuring Deep Purple!


Thank you

A Special thank you to the Sisters of THE SISTERHOOD for featuring ON The Rocks! Love you all. :)xxxxx

A BIG thank you to the host of the group Trees for featuring Extreme Brilliance!

A BIG thank you to the host of the group All The Colors Of The Rainbow for featuring First Sunrise In June!

I am truly honored

*Thank You*

I would like to take a minute to say Thank you to all the people that voted for my picture, in the challenge Honor Thy Father! My picture took 2nd place

I am totally honored, thank you all from the bottom of my heart, God Bless!
You have made my day so much brighter! Hugs

*Thank You All*

I would like to say thank you very much for voting for Just Hanging Around in the challenge Oddly – Fantastic challenge and helping me place in the Top Ten!!…

I am so happy that you all liked it, thank you again! (hugz)

A big Thank you to the great host of the MIA group for featuring Fly Away From Here!!! (Big hugs) HONORED


Three Features for Extreme Brilliance
Totally Honored & Humbled

Thank you to the great host of Islands Of The World

Thank you to the great host of*Sea*

Thank you to the great Sisters of SISTERHOOD (Big, big hugs)

Thank you to the great host of Your Accepted for featuring Dear Dad, really heart-felt for this feature. My Dad passed away in 2005, miss him dearly! (hugs)



Ucluelet Harbour Lights was featured in the Alphabet Soup Group. A big thank you to the wonderful host of this terrific group, greatly appreciated!! I have been very busy with home renovations and working at the dock, I forgot everything about entering it the challenge! Oops! :)…

And: Ucluelet Harbour Lights was also featured in the group Going Coastal, a big thank you to all the wonderful host of this group as well. I really appreciate the honor!! :)

Overhead Watch was featured in the live love dream group. A big thank you to all the great host of this group for this honor also, so appreciated!! :)
Last But Not Least

Bad Moon Ri

Quite Honored

I would like to take this time to SAY
Thanks to the splendid volunteers who host this Group Canada !!

  • Chris Richards
  • Angela Churchill
    I am featured member in this great group of my homeland. I am very proud to be from Canada and even prouder to be a featured member to this fantastic group. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    AND PROUD TO BE A RED BUBBLER …. WITH FANTASTIC FRIENDS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD who have welcomed me into this fabulous world of great ART
    Check it Out

SOLD A CALENDAR ~ West Coast Boats

I received an email today…Sold a calendar!! Unfortunately I don’t know who bought it…no message!! It certainly made my day! If the person that bought it sees this…I am so grateful and happy….thank you very much.
I am feeling so honored but shocked right now!! And, lost for words! :)

Thank you so much!! Big hugs, and lots of smiles!!

Two more FEATURES that make me very proud!

A big thank you, from the bottom of my heART to the wonderful host & group, !Inspired Arts! for featuring Moonlight Shadow! A true HONOR, believe me!
I also would like to Thank each and everyone that left me a great comment on this piece. I noticed on most of my pictures that a lot of people view, but don’t leave a comment! I would love to hear from these people too, even if they don’t like it! All is welcome!!

Another big thank you to the wonderful group and host of Weekly Theme Challenges for featuring one of my most treasured Eagle shots ever!!! I am again truly HONORED for the recognition of its beauty! This comes from the bottom of my heART again!! :)

Six Features In The Last Five Days

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO I had to do that, smiles!!
Many thanks to the great host of #1 Artist of Red Bubble for featuring One Of These Nights. I am deeply honored and very appreciative that you like my work on this piece.

Many thanks to the great host of MIA Group for featuring Fly Away. I am truly honored and humbled that you liked it enough to feature it.

Many thanks to the great host of All About Hearts for featuring my first and one & only T-Shirt Design. ( Thanks to my friend, Debbie (Gramia) for helping me so much on this task). We Hit An HomeRun, Baby.

Many thanks to the great host of ! Inspired Art ! for featuring Fly Like An Eagle. I am truly honored & humbled for this great Honor.

Many thanks the wonderful host of Playful Photogenic Pets for featuring my little darling Baby in Snuggl

I'm Truly Honored & Humbled By Three Features Since I Last Signed In!

A big thank you to the hosts of Live, Love, Dream Group for featuring:


I really appreciate it that you liked my work, awesome group and team!!

A big thank you to the hosts of That’s Entertainment! for featuring:

I greatly appreciate it that you picked this one to feature also! It was a great night spend with my son & daughter after not seeing them for over a year!

I will be working more and I won’t be around as much as usual but I will drop in often for brief moments to try to keep up on my friends works! Please be patient with me!! Take care my wonderful Red Bubble friends, love you all!!

My *Eagles* got me another *Feature*! I am overjoyed!

I would like to thank the host of We Are Passionate About The Birds Of Prey Group, Deb (TrEaSuReDiMaGe S) for featuring my piece, In The Beginning! I am very honored to be featured in this group!
To be featured among so many talented artist in this group and so many awesome shot of Birds Of Prey, I am humbled and honored.
My eagles are my prizes, they are my favorite birds to shoot even though it can get quite challenging, but that’s what I find that drives me! To get that one in a million shots! I know I have some awesome shots of eagles but I feel I haven’t got that one in a million yet. When I get a feature on one of my eagles shots it’s a very satisfying feeling that I am very close! Smiles!!
Thank you Deb again form the bottom of my heart!

Two *Sales* & A Feature! I am so proud!

2 sales of this piece, Friendship . Marie Sharp god love her heart for buying a card and another beautiful friend bought the laminated print! Thank you my wonderful friends, I love you very much. This makes me so happy that this piece came from so much sadness to the most treasured piece that I have ever done. It was done from my thankful heart for all the beautiful people who were there for my brother and I.

My Bear Trio was featured in The Bears Of The World Group! Thank you to the wonderful group and I also would like to thank Chris Ewing for leading me to this fantastic group!

Three More Features - Three Different Groups

My heart is filled JOY to learn that my work has been featured in three different groups. Many many thanks to the great host of these wonderful groups in liking my work enough to feature them. God love your beautiful hearts, always grateful!

1. K9 Beauty was featured in the Weekly Theme Challenges Group!

2.Vortex was featured in the Live, Love, Dream Group!

3.Vortex was also featured in the Experimental Group!

Thank you so much, and I do so appreciate you all so much! Shine On

I can't believe this *Another Feature* for *Shine On*

I am in total awe, even shocked! A BIG THANK YOU TO THE HOST OF THE BEGINNER’S CORNER !!!!
Well, I think Shine On should be my slogan for 2009, it’s a sign of something good for me and my friends here on Red Bubble! *It means we will *Shine On"!
Thank you for this honor to be a part of such a wonderful world!
I thank you all, my friends! Bless You All!

2 More Features: I am filled with *Joy*

Here only the second day in 2009 and I have two features, I am so happy! Although one was featured in 2008 that I missed, 3 days ago! Thunderbird Totem was featured in Statues & Such! I am truly honored and thank you to the group for choosing my image.

My second feature, which was featured yesterday, so this is my feature in 2009. Shades Of Purple" in the *A True Purple group. Thank you to two very special people and host of the group, Marie Sharp & Sally Omar! You both are awesome and I love the color purple and love this group. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart, God Bless you both.

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