Another feature for *Shine On* - MIA Group

Shine On Red Bubble
Very Grateful

I’m totally blown away, 2 features with for this music/art combo piece!
Thank you so much sweet Rose for all the frustration I must have given you when you were trying to teach me how to link the image to the song, smiles! Much appreciated! Blamo I thank you for all your help by commenting on my work and teaching me about abstract during those comments! Greatly appreciated! And thank youPaul, whom I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet, you were very sick when I was introduced to the MIA Group! 2009 is coming soon, tomorrow in fact, let’s us all on, Red Bubble, Shine On! MIA is one of my favorite groups because of my love for music and my love for art!

Thank you for featuring Shine On- Live Love Dream group!

I am so happy that you liked my work, liked it enough to feature “Shine On” ! You are an awesome group! I am deeply moved, and grateful! Thank you Red Bubble for existing and allowing so many great people to know one another! Happy New Year To All I tell everyone I know what a great group of people from all over the world with one thing in common, Beauty !!!! I’m so glad I found you ALL

Featured in the Bears Of The World Group!!

Got The Munchies, was featured !!! Thank you to the hosts of the group for featuring my Bear Picture!!
But, most of all, a Big Thank You to Christopher Ewing, a new friend of mine here on Red Bubble! He encouraged me to put my bear pics in this group, actually told me about the group and also said they were awesome pictures, good enough for to put into the group!!
Thank you , my friends !!!!
Gail ,,, big hugs!!

More Featured Work!

Many thanks to the Statues & Such Group for featuring this one. Many thanks to my dear friend for telling me about the group, “Marie”.

Many thanks to the Weekly Theme Challenge for featuring “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

Many thanks to the The Beginners’ Corner for featuring “Morning Reflections”.

Thank you all so much for liking my work.

I am truly HONORED to have *Friendship* Featured

I just been notified that my piece, Friendship, was featured in the Image Writing Group!! I am truly honored because my tears are in this piece. I did this one in gratitude for my friends that send their thoughts, kind words, and prayers for my brother who almost died of a heart attack! This feature is for my friends, my beautiful Red Bubble friends. Many thanks to the group, and many thanks to my friends because without their kind words and prayers, this piece would not exist!! Bless you all from the bottom of my heart!!

Some terrible news this morning, need your prayers!

Got a call from my older brother in Newfoundland telling me that my younger brother, had a heart attack this morning!! They just got him to the hospital in time, if they had been any longer getting him there, he wouldn’t have made it!! He is eight years younger than me! They are the only two siblings left besides nephews and nieces, we are only a small family! Me being so far away from home, I’m beside myself!! ): I was wondering if you can include him in your prayers, my grandfather died of a massive heart attack, my uncle and my mother went the same way, I’m so scare!!!
Thank you my wonderful friends on Red Bubble!!


I am in AWE this morning, and SO HAPPY!!!

Red Bubble just notified me that someone just bought 4 of my calendars!!
I got a good idea who it was though, she is an awesome lady that I met for the first time this summer when our company sent us on a weekend getaway. I work with her lots but only met her once. God love her heart!!
I hopes she gets to read this to see how much I appreciate it. Thank you so much Patsy!! Hugs!! You made my day!! :)

One-Baby’s Calendar, One-Vancouver Island Scenery, Two-Boats From The West Coast.

Two Features In One Day - Live, Love, Dream Group

A huge thank you to the host of Live, Love, Dream group for featuring two of my pictures in one day! I am truly honored, I mean that from my heart. You’re just the best!
Today, on Red Bubble, has to be one of the best days since I joined, for several reasons. I found some new great friends, who made my day first and now this! I’m in awe!!
THANK YOU RED BUBBLE for making this possible! Thank you for the features, Live, Love, Dreams Group! Thank you to all the people who have supported me and being my friends!
Love You All,

Tenth Place, I'll Take That !

I got to tenth place with Rock Point lll. I am quite honored to get in the top ten in this challenge, there were a lot of wonderful pictures submitted. Thank you to the people, who voted for my "Rock Point lll ! Much appreciated. :)

Thank you to the group, " A True Purple" , for featuring, " The Purple In Me"

Thank you so much for featuring, The Purple In Me! This is a very special piece of artwork for me, very close to my heart because the picture is of my two kids! They came home this summer for an holiday and I never put my camera down while they were here! It was click, click and more clicks! :) But, it also was a good laugh between us all, they would say, " Oh, here comes Mom again, with the camera, everyone hide!" :) Now, I can tell them it was all worth while. Unfortunately, they don’t appreciate artwork like I do, but there is still hope for them! :) The purple in them just might do it! Thank you so much Marie & Sally, this means the world to me!!

Many Thanks.....DAP Group!!!

Many thanks for featuring my “King Cobra” !! This one has many meanings to me, it’s something that I have creative out of nothing! I have tried many abstract combination’s, and was quite shocked what image was appearing in front of me! This means the world to me, thank you again, for the feature!


I am now a co-host to this new group Alphabet Soup

Marie Sharp is the main host and I am helping her as co-host !!!
We would love to see all of you enter your best images! The first letter that we are starting with is " E " , your work has to have a theme that starts with “E”. Put your entries soon!!
Thank you all for always supporting me, so now I can return the support back through this group!!
A special THANK YOU to Red Bubble for letting us start this group!!

Sold TWO more framed prints!!! No profit-my gift to my dear friend and family!

Sold 2 more framed prints of " A Special Rose – In The Arms Of God". I am very happy with Red Bubble for the great framing job and for shipping them out so fast! My girlfriend and Lillian sister bought the first two when I first put this picture on Red Bubble. She also bought these 2 also!! They’re are Christmas gifts for the family. Gail (that’s my friends name) said the pictures were astonishing and that Red Bubble did a great job with the finished product .

Thank you Red Bubble!!!!
I also would like to add to all my red bubble friends that supported through this very sad time and thought about Lillian’s passing! You’re the greatest!!! I cherish each and everyone of you!

Thank You MIA GROUP // FEATURE !!!!!

Thank you so much for all you help and most of all for featuring my “Heart Full Of Soul” !! You are all the greatest, THANK you so much !!!! I love MUSIC and ART, what a beautiful combination!!!

I would also like to thank my friends and supporters here on Red Bubble for the inspirations & encouragement to do something different ! You are the greatest too!!
God Bless!!
My angel cards are working!! (-:

Missed Red Bubble

I haven’t had much time in the past couple of weeks to visit Red Bubble. Been working lots, not that I am complaining. It’s been a great welcome.
Usually by this time of year, we are running off our legs with boats coming in to deliver their catch. The way it works is when they come we don’t stop until they are offloaded, that could mean offloading up to a quarter of a million pounds in one shift. Anywhere from a 24 -30 hour shift, no sleep barely got time to eat. That’s only when the busy season is here, June – August. The rest of the year is pretty calm and steady going.Our best year we offloaded over 19 million pounds, (sigh). We have worked at the same place ever since we moved here in 1993.Bear Cove Ice.
This explains all my beautiful shots of my beautiful eagles. (smile). They know …

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