About Jeremy Jones...

In the town of Edmond, Oklahoma you’ll find an amazing photographer by the name of Jeremy Jones. When you visit his portfolio, you’ll find that his work reveals much about who he is. His love of life and nature, of his family and most clearly…his love of things EXTREME! This is the world that Jeremy captures best. When he goes big, we’re talking about intense lightning storms with bolts splitting the skies as though they had been violently cast down from the Gods! When he goes small…it’s macro small and brings to the viewer a world within our world that is both strange and beautiful. Jeremy’s photography is about power, no matter what he’s shooting. If he’s shooting wildlife, you’ll find that his eye wanders to it. It can be the power mixed with gentleness that one can find in a lion or the gentleness of a humming bird mixed with the power of it’s wings. Again,,,extremes.

To describe him you would have to use words like hungry, passionate, courious, driven and skilled. The last word I will use is inspiring. Because that’s what he does to me. Constantly reminding me that there is so much out there to capture, as long as you stay driven to find and capture it. Being satisfied is not an option.

Thanks Jeremy.

Enjoy his work: http://www.redbubble.com/people/mixmasta

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