Advice requested.

I am about to go away on holiday to Cornwall and once back I intend to seriously look at doing some serious portrait work. I am not looking to run a studio (already have a part-time job running a charity as well as tons of other stuff) but am considering getting some decent lights to take to client’s, as well as perhaps a ring flash. Problem is I don’t have much money (certainly none spare) and so need to keep costs down. My needs are as follows:

1. DSLR with two lenses (preferably at least one prime rather than large zooms)
2. Two flash heads plus brolleys/softboxes
3. Light meter
4. Tripod
5. Backgrounds and stands

Questions is, as regards DSLR, I have narrowed my system down to one of these:

1. Sony 350 twin lens kit, or
2. Samsung GX_20 twin lens kit, or
3. Fuji S5 Pro with decent lens

Does anyone have experience of these kits and how do they find them for mainly portrait work?

As for flash, is it better to get the type that is constantly on (Cool Lite type – not Tungsten) or flash type that charges and then discharges?

Also, can anyone say what s the minimum width of background for typical family groups (no more than 6 individuals)?

Any advice or shared experience gratefully received.


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