A new year, a new leaf?

Here it is 2008, hopefully it will be a good year. 2007 sucked, with the exception of my book being published just recently, the majority of the past year literally sucked. Hopefully, I can accomplish the things I set out to do this year. Which is to lose a crap-load of weight. (at least 60lbs), and stop fighting with my daughter. We are just too alike, and gotta have the last word on a subject.So I say here and now, that I will, from this point on, NOT fight with my daughter. I do not want a relationship with her that I had with my own mother. God rest her soul, I loved her to death, she was a good mom, she just was a lot like me, or vice versa. So I don’t want history to repeat itself, or undo what has already happened, if I can.

That’s about it today.

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