A new year begins: 2008

For some odd reason I am starting this year with great expectations and yet nothing outwardly had changed. Perhaps it is all in my head, but then what I am really is how I think, so that makes perfect sense.

I had done a lot of internal house-cleaning this last few months. It started with someone’s sudden departure from this realm. The thought then of the reality and certainty of death was a bit of a shock. I mean we know that we will all go that way and yet, it is something that always jolts when it happens. So I ask myself, Why mourn?

This year, I am going to do my very best each moment. I will not worry about tomorrow. Concentrate on the moment and tomorrow will take care of itself. Today and everyday I will be kind to all. I will cast out doubts about my own work and just enjoy doing for tomorrow might never come.

So 2008 here i come!

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