textile art

I’ve been very slack of late with uploading things, but have been really busy working on lots of textile art pieces and patterns.

I’m doing an advanced machine embroidery course tomorrow and if you’re thinking patchwork with pale florals don’t!!! There are some really amazing things you can do now with textile art – i’ve just purchased a book of fusing synthetic fabric with a soldering iron, you can press hard with one and it cuts through several layers while sealing all the edges together a little as if they were laser cut, and as it fuses as it cuts you get a wonderful crisp edge that doesn’t fray. you can bond fabrics trapping others in between and even make marks by burning, use metal stencils and templates and basically use anything out of glass or metal as a pattern or shape for cutting or burning.

I hope to do some very soon – have a wood burning tool being shipped in the mail, can’t wait! i’ve always loved all those translucent shimmery fabrics so now have some great uses for them!

N (who needs another arty escape like a 3rd nipple…)

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