eric abrahamowicz

Thatcham, United Kingdom

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i was thinking, whether to start it now or wait, but it seems to be nothing to wait for. first of all please forgive me my english, it is more like a writing exercise than a normal journal entry.i’d like to introduce myself, show some background behind my art, the reason why i do photography, and why i do it this way not other.
i come from poland, arrived to UK almost 3 years ago. as it usual for fresh emigrants i gratefully took first job i’ve been given. warehouse. it was not that bad, at the beginning. i didn’t understand so much these days. slowly i started to connect the gestures and body language with the words people was saying to me. now i can understand what “fucking polish animal” means.
i used to be a poet back in the old country. it always helped me deal with my emotions, it taught me the way of life, philosophy of some sort. then the life taught me how not to be sensitive, how to live in the real world.
it’s been many substitutes of what i’ve lost in my life after that, but fortunately i have not fallen into any of them. what is most important i have discovered that i had not lost anything, well not the part of my soul i thought it’s gone.
i earn my live working 2 shifts now, but i have the family, the part of me will never be the same. however the other part will never change, i found the same fulfillment in photography. i can speak trough the pictures, there is a whole new world to discover

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