eric abrahamowicz

Thatcham, United Kingdom

Wolves are coming soon!-thanks to and Valentine’s day event this year / Also: / Wroclaw 0hr- series showing...

Thank You!

I’d like to say how important is all the feedback you are giving me. the simple fact that i usually have no time to answer your comments doesn’t mean i do not read them. everytime i get some remark from new person i check them profile, browse their art, sometimes favorite a piece or two (rather more often than write any comment).
i said i have no time to answer your comments, well that is not always true. i am just a kind of a lone bird, i do not socialise, have no need for that, and again it’s usually ( i mean about once a couple of months approx.). i love to express myself by art, coz i do not have to do that (passion more likely than a hobby, something i need to not get, or keep going insane, depends on your definition of normality [ being within certain limits that define the range of normal functioning-define it like that and i have to admite i am not, and i’m proud of it] , and i really appreciate all your comments, even if never answer them, even if i never put any comment on your art, even if i never faved any of your pictures i do know you, remember that you you like what i have created, rewarded my efforts.
Thank You!

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