Replies - whats your view?

EDIT AFTER A FEW COMMENTS************************
Appreciate I might have confused a bit on what I do in respect of replies – here is my general policy for comments / replies:-

Comments on My work – Many thanks for commenting – I sppreciate you taking the time to look and comment

Replies on Your Comments on My Work – I will respond if you ask a specific question (eg. where was that location or what procesing etc) otherwise I won’t reply except a general reply thanking everyone.

Replies to my comments on your work – appreciate if you do them but it is not necessary, the best way you can thanks me is to come look at my work and comment if you feel appropriate

If you do comment on my work, or favourite or add me to your watchlist – I will take the time (not necessarily there and then) to go look at your work and comment/fave/watch as appropriate. I do believe in fair play – if you take the time to come see me, I will certainly take the time to visit you.

END OF EDIT *************************

Just trying to canvas opinion on replies from the people who look at my work…

As you might notice I don’t often do a reply to comments raised on my work. This is personal preference really as my policy thus far has been generally as follows:-

- to reply only if a specific question has been asked (like someone might ask where is this place, or how did you do that etc)
- if a reply is approrpiate but quite long in wordage, then I would prefer to send a b-mail, acknowledging the question or information required
- my preference is rather than reply to go, and look at the work (if not already on my watchlist) and hopefully find pictures / work to comment on – if I can’t – as the work is perhaps alien to me, and can’t think of what to or how to comment, I would send a b-mail of thanks instead.
- if a brand new (to me) viewer of my work, then I might b-mail as well to say thanks for first looking

I believe that this is a better use of my time (as my watchlist is ever growing!).

I’ve also noticed that quite a few people on RB are quite prone to giving replies when comments are made on their work and seemingly not paying respects back by visiting and commenting and I worry that that is too easy sometimes to do when the workload is large. Am I making sense or just rambling….?

Anyway, I am noticing also that replies are being used more frequently and if that becomes the normal ‘culture’ I am happy to fall in with that, but wanted to check the mood out there…

Feel free to respond in any way you wish – if you think the way I do things is not right for you or in general, then please comment (or send b-mail if you don’t want to speak openly)….!

Would be great to hear what you think – I’ve not been on the open forums with this – I supect there are wide views on the use of replies…



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