A PORTRAIT of YOU ( well the 1st bit anyway )

You arrived.
You were a Blob of Fresh Flesh and bone and all the potential in the World.

You cant remember but its pretty safe to assume you grew each day.
Suckling to your mother and well the body you found yourself in simply grew and grew. The Dad you had he liked to hold you high and the swings in his arms well they were just grand.

You came to feel love from these big monster looking blurs and shapes that seemed to keep hovering all around you.

There was not a Day that didn’t go by when these others these big things, your parents didn’t fuss all over you.

There you were rocking and Rolling and learning all about the Bod you where wearing.

The whole 3 D in reality thing kind of came ABOUT ALL AROUND YOU.

it was best when it looked blue and bright, and that meant you could play outside.

Specially the sweet stuff. The green stuff? You thought Why do you want me to eat that mucky stuff? So you threw it about, but that made them shout.

You learned to play.
You liked the swing things.
You fell over a lot.
But you slowly learned to be brave when any red stuff came out of your suit. Your huggy body that you had come to feel comfortable within.
But these parent things were usually there to soothe your ego when you bumped into stuff and dropped off things
OUCH you fell. You learned to yell.

Yep that was a day and a half, when you realized by screaming with this noise making thing in your mouth, it led to attention from everyone.

You worked on that noise stuff, you came to understand that each grunt had a sound unlike all the others.
It was a fun thing, though you have no idea what it was all about.
You just went to sleep when it went all dark then this bright light every morning welcomed in a new series of games and more food.
that seemed to keep coming.

You learned to draw and paint and jump and play. Then there were all these other little things just like you. They seemed fun so you played in every way.

Over time each night, it kept turning into a day.

All those early years you felt Love in everyone. They shared it with you with hugs and snugs.

You came to know the special blobs, and who they were, these hulky bulky beings who shared their love.

Biff in the mouth from that other little kid, whats that about you thought?

Tears and fears came a part of the knowing and a hit back here and then always stimulated the big people to tell you what was right and wrong. It stopped the other blobs from hitting you though so you learned about self protection.

Ah this thing you became seemed just a non stop game.

Then as you started to really enjoy yourself and you were learning new games you came to watch this Box with lots of frames.
People lived in the Box with cartoons and big bangs and pretty music.
But then your Mum touched a button and they simply disappeared.

Where did they go? I liked them they make me laugh with their show.

Ah the fun in the sun and the splashing in the wet stuff. It feel from above when it was grey and not sunny with that bright ball that was hard to look at. The wet stuff was fun but it made your nose run if you got it all over you, what is that? stuff it came dribbling over your lip and tickles in your throat they taught you to cough and splutter about. The food was usually good and fun to toss too.

The drinks were always fun, especially the fizzy stuff that went up your nose. And the white wet stuff was nice and the cream made you feel yum ..I want more you thought that stuff is nice.

That was the start the beginning of your journey.
You were there though you had no idea why.
It was your start to your running the race and keeping the pace.

Then that day came, when books and looks with those that you know, it did change it became this new thing called School and your Mum she did take you and Come to your rescue to take you back home.
But it was early you learned that there was a lot to get to know.
Now that you had found yourself in this thing.
This ever growing wonder that you found you were attached to your body your you.

To be continued………………………………… each day it got to be more to do.

A PORTRAIT of YOU ( well the 1st bit anyway )

eon man

Melbourne, Australia

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait

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