I have a blog that I post to regularly on myspace. It’s set to friends only and I can rant and rave as much as I like safe in the knowlege that only my friends should see it. At first I thought I would clone my entries there, posting simultaneously when I had something new to discuss but I have decided that it’s not the best idea. For starters, this entry is easily available to the public and identifiable as belonging to me. Because this is a commercial site my rants may negatively effect my ability to sell artwork. That’s just a postulation of course, perhaps I would be perceived as more intriguing, as a “loony artist”.

Do people still value unbalanced artists? Does art make people crazy or do they make art because they are crazy? It’s not exactly the wisest of career choices, setting yourself on a path where stability and financial security will never find you. I still have those panic moments in the dead of night when I wake up and hyperventilate about my future. Sometimes I hate that this is my gift, there are so many other things I could be doing but I chose art because I love it and if that wasn’t the case I’d probably be doing something a bit more “respectable” in the eyes of my family and friends.

Anyway, I’m going to keep this journal for arty topics as much as possible. I’ll only share my looniness if it’s interesting.

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