My work as a performer

As I mentioned in my profile, I’m a circus stunt performer known as Captain Finhead…I perform all kinds of little acts and stunts such as doing sit-ups with an axe balanced on my chin, on a bed of nails, chromed naturally…or playing violin while standing on a slack-rope, balancing a teaspoon on the nose, or a huge sword on the tip of a knife held in my teeth…stuff like that. If anyone would like to check out some of this stuff, have a look at these links:

Finhead Stunts

Finhead Stunts Facebook

Strings on Fire is a beautiful little corporate act by myself and Mare, where we play violins with bows on fire, whilst performing acro-balance moves, and other stunts calculated to amuse and amaze…

Strings on Fire

I’ll be putting up more stuff like this in the near future…

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