It’s cornflake love I have for you
That cornilicious kind of love that
Is crunchy and yet
With the right fluids
Make you easy to take down
To swallow without hurting gums
Sensitive teeth have always been a problem
And if our teeth are our wealth
Then between us we have four
You me him and him

In the same way the flake was invented to keep one regular
This is it.. regularity for now
In our Kellogg kind of love

W.K. discovered that the flake could be made
With the “sweet heart” of the grain…
Sweet heart we are just a couple of flakes
Always ready for the morning soaking and consumption
and swallowing (if we are lucky and if we have time
which can be difficult in light of the two teeth at the front)

but life isn’t always presented in easy bowls
it doesn’t always have the updated smoothness of Kellogg
But rather, Battle Creek and Toasted
Just like it was 100 years ago
Just like it will be 100 years from now
Just like W.K. meant it to be
Just like Sinead O’Connor said it would be
And if she didn’t – she should have

Our love is kept wrapped in waxtite paper
Freshness ensured throughout the package of us
each time we open it or use it or put it away for another day
and Like the great man – in times of depression
We don’t pull back, oh no
We double our intensity to survive
Spending on advertising is one way to capitalise on our success
And here were are in suitable battle dress
Throwing caution to the wind
Knowing that it takes no time at all for returns on our investments

As Kellogg landed on the moon in 1969
I space walk each time I look at you and our family
And the superseriousness of cereals and life disappears
In a moon junket, cheese in the sky and milk on the table.

So today is for saying I WILL not I DO
for Will is the name of a great man who invented a great cereal which is the mark of great intentions

and Do never invented any kind of cereal especially one which is good for the heart.

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