King Bees

That’s just how it is for King Bees
he said wisely as if his 8 year old body was full of nothing else
but the knowledge of bees
offering with such deep sense of philosophical irony
that i almost expected him to show an aptitude for Russell
but he has none in this austistic acceptance of life and
death and the honey making procedures of bees

Growing in his garden is as driven an action as the bees making honey
and suddenly all the careworkers have succeeded in their goals
he is at one without analytic structure
without the heraldry of place and time
regularly doing what regularly needs to be done
but he isn’t a king of bees
he is happy to be a worker
doesnt’ fancy dying just yet
maybe tomorrow
and then once again the oxbridge dean of a smile
flashes though the conversation until you are sure
that he has a copy of Wittgenstein under his pilled jumper
Tractatus you think
there’s a play on language that you must be missing although you
feel it’s presence,,, can’t see it can’t see it

he knows it’s not there
clap hands
time for tea
or digging
better check the timetable schedule day of the week time of the day

that’s just how it is for King Bees
he says with a sense of resignation as if all little boys of his age
all around the world feel the same way he does and in saying this
sentence, voicing such an opinion quietly and gently

the whole world of boys is age are bound to agree and this is the way
things are for such small people with such deep perceptions

it is with such a sense of that i too take on this phrase
for he has become the embodiment of the state of being of the king bee
each king bee in every hive, near the colonies where wilder bees roam

and i will not change the timetable or schedule
in an attempt to make myself feel better
in an attempt to bring on and develop with a sense of the progressive
this little sage, this little ponderer of bees and life and death
and the kings of such bees

he is agitated when he perceives there to be a hole in the watering can
but when he tips the can and the water comes out of the spout
the event of hole
disappears and he is reminded of the task in hand
water and can and boy who silently muses on the kings of bees
zones out for a second when the water has stopped and he is left with
a puddle which begins to knock at the edges of his boots in the soil bed

there’s a hole he says
can we fix the hole he says
there’s a hole he says
and you are so tempted to say but that’s how it is for wateringcans
when the water is gone the hole comes back
that makes him cry
and you say just like the bees
but he doesn’t understand that you are clasping at strawbeds over the strawberries
there’s a hole
so you fill the wateringcan and show him how to pour and once again
he is happy with the lack of hole
he is happy with the water smashing onto the tomato plant
he is happy with the mud gathering around the edges of his boots
that’s just how it is for King Bees he says

profundity comes at a price
don’t ask his
paid in advance by some unknown monster of reason
leaving his voice as the remnant of distant hope that
once shared a space with a stranger on a train
and that’s just how it is for King Bees
he says
knee deep in mudandwater and holeycans.

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