When All Sleaze Fails. 26/09/07

You know when it’s time to feel totally unattractive when you get stood up for an online sex date ….
I just wanted some pure unattached sex to make me feel good after my break up… and you know most of us gay people do this..

whatever your opinion on this kinda thing just think of most men and they way they detach feelings from sex, now multiply that by 2 and you see how easy to do it is…

Anyway was supposed to meet up with this guys today but heck i call him as arranged when i’m nearby and no answer…
Call the other number (his boyfriend/fuck buddy who knows… both are sexy as fuck)
and he had no bloody idea it was arranged for today. so i go online and he seems to be on the site.. yet he’s ignoring my messages…

Yesterday i felt like this :


Filled in
with brand new confidence,
I’m showered
with attention.

I’m glowing
with attraction
and oozing
sexual tension.

I walk the streets
with style,
and with nonchalant

My smile is
seething cheekily
my desires
and intentions.

This new persona
has risen from its arid solitude
like the fire-glowing phoenix
resurrecting from its ashes.


And today well i just feel like this

I know I know… I’m trying to get over love with sex… and more than often it’s totally the wrong solution.

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