Tidying up my portfolio

While I am doing some new work, I am also examing the quality and range of my existing portfolio, and want to clean up some earlier uploads. I have learned a lot since I joined other RedBubblers.

As a first step, I have made all, not some, available as cards, which was not an option when I first joined. Other images if mine were well received but were not of sufficiently good resolution.

I am going to work on these, to get really BIG files uploaded, especially those of my Epiphany Suite.

I will also delete a couple of my existting images which I think do not ‘fit’ the portfolio. I know some of my work is ‘busy’, but at heart I like simplicity, as in my Aboriginal boy …

Periodically, revuing one’s work helps inspiration and, importantly, selectivity. I want to be sure of quality.

I was delighted with the quality of the bubble cards I recently bought.

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