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4/11/08 2:00pm

OOOOOOOO I am so excited … as you can see I have myself a new toy !!!!! I got a camara this week … my FIRST camara ever !!!.. and I am having so much fun !!!! My world has been expanded and my eyes are seeing the world completely different … I am amazed at how much beauty there is out there that I hadn’t take the the time to see only because my view was packed with so much !!!! (ohhhhhh boy I am kinda relating the camara as a bit of a metaphor my friends)… The world can be so overwhelming at times and for me it can be like that for days !! Just as I think I am set to take the shot a gust of wind comes and messes up the shot but with patients and my angels wings wrapped around me I always get the perfect shot !!!! With the camara in hand I can give myself the permission to stop at any moment and capture any image that I want to , whether it be as simple as a piece of drift wood or something a bit more busy than that but for that moment its just me and the subject of my attention. My world is filled with such inspiration …everywhere I look and I am finding myself going on longer walks and with a bit of a lighter step :) So please bare with me as I go out on a limb here and try my talent as a photographer lol…. (((((((((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))))) Celena
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