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Monday 12:00pm

I have to say that I love getting older !!! lol
I know that is not a statement that most would make , especially us ladies, but for real I do…I just got finished watching this Disney movie called Monsters Inc. with my youngest daughter Isabella and was left with the coolest feeling when it was done. I love Disney movies because they always have more than one lesson in them for both children and adults but this one I really really liked cause it got me thinkin………. (oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyyy hold your socks celena’s been thinkin again !!! )
I realised while sitting there how long it had been since I had actually sat through a movie…. Mind you I am always hangin out with my peeps(my 4 cool kids) but I tend to always be doing a million things at once. My brain seems to work the same… always so much chaos in there! That is one reason why I hate silence…. makes the noise in my mind that much louder lol….I dont’ like to have down time where memories can sneak back and haunt me. Well see , I am at a crossroad in my life where I am seeing that I need to change somethings about ME in order to allow myself to survive. Now I know that sounds dramatic but for me it is my reality, relaxation is vital to keeping my heart strong as much as excercise is….. I have realised through certain situations and through others comments (some made from my angels here on RB) that I need to learn how to BREATHE and live in the moment so to speak… So hard for me to do …. I seem to have forgotten how to relax and just be…. UNTIL one of my children comes down sick !!!!!!!!! Which is what happened this weekend and what has prompted my words today, Isabella has been sick with a fever for the last 48 hours and she asked me if I would lay down and watch this movie with her …… watching this movie was so fun!!! I found myself laughing and completely feeling the emotions of the characters just like I used to as a little girl . How time flies when your having fun right my angels !!! Next thing I know the movie is done , Isabella is asleep and the laundry, dishes, housework and business work is still there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take time to day dream, cause everything else will still be there when your done :) I hope you all had a great Easter weekend !! I am always thinking of you all (((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))))) Celena
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