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3/18/08 6:00am
Fair is the worst thing we are taught in kindergarden. Fair is a four letter word and it screws us up for life. We should be taught from an early age that there is no organic “fairness” to life. And that to even survive we have to maximize whatever meager scraps we do possess and get over the fact that the person sitting next to us might get promoted first, might marry somebody better, and probably has a grandmother who will leave him more money. Being taught that fairness matters cripples us. It forces us to wait for the scales to be adjusted. It makes us miss opportunities we should snatch before somebody else does. And, worst of all , it sets us up for a life of deep disappoinment. Augusten Burroughs

Good morning!!! Hope everyone slept well :)
Got my coffee in hand and am able to think a bit more clearly than I have lately lol… I read this blurp out of a magazine this morning and it really got my wheels turning… I mean I love Augusten , he is a very blunt author and his words are so impactive to me but he speaks from a perspective that most do not dare and I like that !!! Now I know that some of you may think that YET again I am being negative and focusing on that … well I am not …. I simply am able to see both sides of most things and like to discuss them, hear what others have to say.
I thought about this statement that he has made and I could actually think of many situations that Fairness has impaired me in some way… How quickly I have gotten upset , hurt or angry because of something seeming unfair when in reality it had nothing to do with fairness… it just was . Yes, that DOES mean I am NOT perfect ….. lol….
Would love to hear your thoughts my sweet angels… I have to say that I am so excited to see that CAA is becomming an expected part of my day … I love to hear what you all have to share and plan on keeping it fun and inspirational but also hope to have bit of discussion as well !!!!
Gotta go wash the wings but look forward to hearing your thoughts …….. have a GREAT day ((((((((((((((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Celena

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