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Going to Boston.... feb 6, 2008

well seems today is the day ! Go to boston today to talk to the docs about my heart surgery… have an aneurism on my aortia… Kinda nervous and so would rather sit here and write poems about all this emotion rather than getting ready to drive a few hours to get there and all the while wondering what excatly they are going to say. Is it time once again to have open heart surgery?? I am so scared to be totally honest..being that I am only 34 and feel that I already have used up my "get out of jail free card " so to speak in 1996 when I had this done the first time with out issues… I am a strong women , that I do know and trust will help get me through , but ……………..
Well anyways, I am soooooooooo loving being here at the redbubble… I am spreading the news to all my poet friends and everyone else I meet cause this place ROCKS!!!!! So much talent here that I find myself anxtiously awaiting the next time I can get back on here lol….. ohhhhhhhh boy I am gonna be a redbubble junkie !!! :) Its all good ….
well should go now and have some coffee and get ready to hit the road …. till the next time ((hug))

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