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Back home

Well .. I am back home … but with no answers yet …..
I am still in pain , still can’t eat but there was nothing the hospital was doing that I couldn’t do for myself at home and my children had gone long enough with worrying and not having me there to care for them…. I have to wait 5 day before I will know what the biopsis say for my stomach .. that may tell alot .
I am so frustrated inside … feel like a big mistake at times …. BUT I have to let you all know …. AND PLEASE HEAR ME WITH YOUR EYES BUT ALSO WITH YOUR HEART AND SOUL…. Without you all here who have made a point to keep me in their thoughts and prayers …. for those of you who have taken the time to write to me and express your care … for all of you who touch me so much ….. I wouldn’t have the strength to stay as strong as I have been able to be… all of your beauiful spirits have completely engulfed mine and give me the ability to feel loved … and without love in your life in which ever way it comes ……. Hell its Dark .. and NO ONE deserves to feel that way ……………… I hope that who ever reads this really stops to think for a moment of how much just a simple smile , email, comment to ones work or journals can truely start a small glow in someone dark world …. I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!

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