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Being that I have been here for a bit now , I believe you all are used to my spontanious and random thoughts and artwork lol….. I woke this morning with the urge to come on here and just say :
Thank you !!! Thank you all who have taken the time to get to know me and support me and my work like you do …. You all have become my family since in Celena’s World there is no such support and love.. so I really wanted to just say how important you all are to me … and even those of you who I have not met yet . I have never been so excepted and appreciated as I am here … You all inspire me so very much and when I am in need of comfort and focus I can always lean on my family here . That to some means the WORLD and for some it is a life line ….
I , as you know , am bipolar and with the other medical issues I suffer from the depression and irrational thoughts sometimes overwhelm me …. I am a cutter and have been since I was 15… although my cutting is not as often as it used to be I fight the urge everyday… I live in very high stress and have only one close and special friend close by and he is my angel for sure ! But , see I am not trying to babble on about ME because I want pitty…. I am telling you all this because I want to heal and because I want you all to understand how important all of you are !!!! You never know who it is you may touch by just taking the time to comment on someones work and show support …. You never know how your time may change someones life as you all have mine :) Thank you again my angels for your love …… I only hope you all can feel my love right back ((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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