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Get over myself

“There are thousands out there that have it worse than you.”
I have heard that statement from my Mother so many times in my life that it has become my motto. No matter what has happened , that is what I hear and repeat to myself as I go through life and all that comes with it. That statement was a great motivator in some situations and still seems to be something that keeps me from sitting to long feeling bad for myself. But … I have also found it to be a great motivator and influence in my big bag of guilt.
You see , If you have read my journal , there could be some who take my words as one from a woman in great “need” of attention or as from a woman whom is extremely lost and spin that into a negative vibe. They would be right in both ways but wrong as well.
I am , as we all are , in need of attention. I mean who the hell doesn’t like attention??
I am, as WE ALL know, am lost.
But my words aren’t meant to be those of NEGATIVE NANCY … I am not in anyway trying to use my trials and sadness in a way to receive pity or send out negativity. My words are being shared with the motivation to connect. I want to share myself with whomever listens in hopes to Yes free myself of the weight , the heavy weight of all that I have felt, seen and heard. My perspective has always been one that comes from Positiveness but I have always been able to see both sides and even though , at the time, in that moment, it may not be clear which is the intended path per say … There IS always Light within the Darkness! I feel I have a duty to share myself
Because I owe it to myself to be a little lighter and I owe it to those out there who are going through pain and loss and are just as lost as me and sit there not knowing what the hell to do with themselves or where to even turn ……. that they ARE CONNECTED even if they don’t type their pain for all to read or even respond to anyone who does .
Their spirit as they read others words, connect
And I can say this with Truth … as I connect with
my son everyday. I may not hear his voice and I may
not see his beautiful face … I FEEL him :) (((((((HUG))))))))

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