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I have out walked the furthest city lights~ Robert Frost / I am a woman , Mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin and...


Feeling so confused ….. not sure what I should be doing with so many aspects of my life lately…… my work here I used to feel so confident about ..yet I am and have felt that my work is a joke compaired to what I see around me here on RB…
I am struggling to write words and my inspiration has been dampered so my camara has not been in much use either.
Sick of my brain and the way that it seems to go from one emotion to another so quickly…. how in one day I feel so excited and proud of what I have done here and in my life , and then I wake up the next day to feeling like I have been fooling myself.
I am not making much of an impact here really and I feel that I am wasteing peoples time and this sites space with my amature work.
Sure my friends here all say that my work is good and to keep on posting but isn’t that what friends are suppose to do??? Encourage each other … support one another ……I dont’ know I guess I am just thinking to much …. worrying to much about what others think .
I am scared to fail at everything that I do….. yet I am the reason I fail when I do ……
I hold myself back from so much for fear of failing that I don’t allow myself to accomplish what I know deep down that I can…….
ok …. I know I probly sound completely NUTS ………. hmmmmmm maybe I am !!!! something to ponder over for a few….
Thanks for listening ………… I really appreciate the chance to be here on this site with all of you and really am thankful for all the support I have received while being here !!!! You all are great artists and BEAUTIFUL SOULS :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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