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CAA...Explaining absent bubbles

Hello all you angels … i am writting this cause I feel I owe an explination to you all as to where I have been… I have been housesitting and have been very busy with two dogs , 5 cats and kids. My best friend had gone to Florida with her family and asked me to stay at her home for the week , I figured it would be a nice quiet vacation type thing while my kids were off from school … well I ended up having my daughters friend here who came down VERY sick with MONO while in my care and we couldn’t get ahold of her it was me who took her to the hospital and took care of her… then when my kids went to their grandmothers for a few days I figured that it would be even nicer to have the quiet and all that …LMAO jokes on me !!! lol…. I couldn’t sleep and all I could do was clean and pace at night lol…. funny how as a MOM you long for that time alone yet when its there you feel lost and sooooooo lonely !!! lol…. Besided tryin to take care of two homes and all the chores that come along with that …. I have been trying to help a woman here in town get a Art Academy going .. it was her sons last request and she has asked me to help her do some of the foot work and when its up and running she has put me in charge of the Poetry part of this academy… See I am one who wants to help but sometimes I overwhelm myself with heliping others and end up losing myself in the process and that is what has happened for me the last week in a half.. I have been busy doing for everyone else and really have missed my time here in my bubble :) Do not think that because I am not here typing words that you all are not on my mind or that its and out of sight out of mind type of thing cause NO way do I ever stop thinking of you all and being thankful for your friendships ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Things go back to the norm this week so I will be trying to step back into my journals and some writting I hope … although I will be honest in saying that I am not sure my stuff is worthy of this site… I see so much more talent here than what I have and have had a few comments that maybe I should take down some of it because it only makes me look unprofessional…. I am not professional by any means… I am just passionate about life and the things / people that come my way and that is what my words are about . I dont’ know maybe I dont’ belong here on this site full of professonal artists but my soul is here :) I hope you all can forgive my absence and hope to hear from you all soon ! XOXOXO celena

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