a sincere apology

*For Michael Sheridan
and to all my RB friends

Dearest Michael,
Please accept my sincere apologies to the trouble i’ve caused you….
Yes, you are absolutely right, the iguana picture in my art is exactly the photo incorporated in my bride-zilla work…apparently, this same picture (and a lot more) was given to me by a friend who told me he had some pretty cool iguana pictures of which he wanted me to mess around with…
It is my fault that i didn’t ask him where he got it from….and apparently it came from you of which I am totally unaware of….all the while I really thought they were his…coz he likes to collect exotic animals…..
Again I’m so very sorry…..
I am so embarrassed when I found out from the comment you made…that I had to delete it….and I always give due credit to collaborations…
So, with your kind permission, I would be posting your work with a link to your bubble site, coupled with an open apology letter….or I can totally delete it from my file
Again all apologies, the art that I did was done in good faith…..
Hope you can forgive me…..

p.s. I called up this now ex-friend of mine and reprimanded him of his actions, reminding him of copyright infringements laws on pictures he downloaded through the net and God knows from elsewhere….God I $%#!# HATE him…*

sincerely yours,

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